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Mike R
11-07-2006, 13:15
Fairly new to Bourbon but looking to find a few that I like. I have had Makers (ok), Beam, and Jim Beam Black (nice). After reading a few posts I found my way to the store and bought Wild Turkey 101 and a dusty bottle of I W Harpers 15yr. Hopefully these will start me on my way!

Seems like a great group here, would like to learn more and contribute when I can.


11-07-2006, 13:54
Oh Thank Goodness......another newbie and he's not from Indiana! :lol:

Welcome :)


11-07-2006, 14:21
Hey Mike,

Mark from Nebraska here. Welcome and nice find on the Harpers.

11-07-2006, 18:49
Oh Thank Goodness......another newbie and he's not from Indiana! :lol:

Welcome :)


Close enough... :grin:

Pappy's Friend
11-07-2006, 19:51
Hey, Mike - welcome! I'm a relative newbie also, and have thoroughly enjoyed the site so far. Hope you enjoy it also.

11-07-2006, 20:28
Welcome aboard! Since I have a sister (and brother-in-law of English origin) in Michigan, I've visited quite often. In some ways, due to its quasi-control-state nature, Michigan can be a bit of a whiskey wasteland, yet I've had some surprising finds there (like a cask-strength Port Ellen Scotch!). Even weirder, I found a supermarket that had Highland Park 12yo for quite a bit less than I'd see it in Chicagoland.

I'm going to have to look closer for some dusty bourbon bottles... who knows what I might find?

(Why yes, I like bourbon, rye, Canadian, Irish, and Scotch!) ;)

11-08-2006, 02:11
Mike, Welcome to SB, Great to have you here.

Mike R
11-08-2006, 07:51
Thanks for the warm welcomes. I think the journey will be fun.


Mike R
11-09-2006, 10:18
Just an update for those interested. Enjoyed the WT101 neat last night while watching the Red Wings game. Very good mouth feel and just the right kick. Really like it, however felt like the novice that I am when I attempted to "unscrew" the top. The education has begun!


11-09-2006, 16:13
I'm originally from Michigan as well (go Wings!), and have enjoyed bourbon for a few years now. It's amazing how much my tastes changed as I explored the bourbon world. Like you, my experience was pretty much limited to what you might find in a typical bar (Makers, JB); little did I know what the world of real, classic, bourbon had to offer. Now, I really enjoy the barrel proof, well aged, and single barrel bourbons, almost exclusively. Since you tried WT 101 and enjoyed that (I like it too, as a kind of every day solid bourbon), stay in the Turley line and try Rare Breed. You may want to pop an ice cube or two or a bit of water with it, but what a taste! Then, move on to some of the real favorites, like Pappy Van Winkle (15, 20 or 23 year old), or my favorite, George T. Stagg! (Now, I need to get home to have a pour myself!). Anyway, everyone has different tastes, and you may find others that you like better. That's what I think makes bourbon so enjoyable. It is the only true American Spirit, and there is so much variety. I was at a bourbon bar in Louisville the other night that served over 130 brands of bourbon! Wow, would have loved to try them all! Take it easy, and enjoy!