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10-08-2001, 23:51
Was wondering if anyone has info on this bourbon? has yellow label-distilled spring 72-bottled fall 82 100 proof bonded. has a knights helmet with blue coat of arms on left side of yellow label and reads national distillers product. on back label it reads distilled by OLD TAYLOR--dsp ky.19 and bottled at dsp ky.14. ---Bourbon deLuxe--bottled in bond-straight bourbon--bottled by bourbon deluxe distillery co. frankfort ky. actually tastes quite good , no hot finish with a lot of sweet corn and burnt caramel and just a little bit of a woody taste. the taste stays on the tonque for quite awhile and i may have to buy some more of this cause it sure does grow on you!---life is good--den

10-09-2001, 04:31
Hi Den,

The Bourbon DeLuxe you have is from National Distillers, who sold the brand (along with Old Crow, Old Taylor, Old Grand Dad, and many others) to American Brands (Jim Beam) in 1987. It dates from at least the end of prohibition (we have a Nat.Dist. magazine ad from @1934-5 showing Bourbon DeLuxe). The brand is still being made and sold by Jim Beam, and even the current version is surprisingly good for a cheap bourbon. Certainly better than what Beam's done with Old Crow and Old Taylor. If you still have any left by next September, bring it with you to the Bourbon Fest! And if you have a source of more from the same period, send me a private message.

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10-09-2001, 06:44
Right on, John. I would only add that 1972 was the last year any distilling was done at Old Taylor.

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10-09-2001, 14:00
Thanks John&Chuck for the info.
I'll let you know John if i can aquire some more, cause it's a little bit of a trip but seems to be worth it .--life is good--den