View Full Version : Looking for People that worked for Publicker Ind

dave ziegler
11-26-2006, 19:11
I am just wondering if there are any Former Publicker Ind/Contrinenal Distilling/ Kinsey Empoyees out there. Would like to talk about the Company and its Products and History. I myself started working at Kinsey Distilling at 19 years old right out of High school. When I worked there they were a fortune 500 company and made some of the very Best of Whiskeys, Rums/ scotchs, and Gins. I worked my first 3 years there on the Yard Crew, the Chairman of the company Cy Neiman wanted his Lawns to be perfect. The last two years i worked there I was in the Whiskey Warehouses. There were about 600 peole working there at the time and the New bottling ran 24 hr 5 days a week! At the time I was there they had the Largest amount of Drinking Alcohol aging stored there in the world! The Brands were many such as Old Hickory Bourbon, Planters Club, Cobbs creek, Embassy Club Diplomat Inverhouse Scotch which was made at their Distillery in Scotland. The Chairman of the Company named his Mainline Home Inverhouse. They also made a Bourbon called Linfield Bourbon which I have been looking for a bottle of for years, And a Scotch for A&P called Red Crown Scotch, and many more brands.
Dave Z