View Full Version : Place to smoke cigars & drink bourbon in Chicagoland?

12-05-2006, 10:08
My brother will be home from school for Christmas this year and I've coordinated a "guy day" with him, my dad, and a friend. I wanted to get this on everyone's calendars just to have it reserved but I don't know what/where we'll do yet! Hit me up with some suggestions please! This will be on Saturday December 30th.


12-05-2006, 17:44
I'm not sure of the smoking rules in Chicago anymore.....now that fois gras has been outlawed. Anyway, I have found the bourbon selections at Twisted Spoke and Delilahs will not disappoint. You'll probably see some export only bottlings behind the bar. Mitch and Mike always give a warm welcome to SB'ers too. And these places are great places for the guys to hang out (no offense ladies, but most women I know would like to go out somewhere nicer....but that's another story about them gold diggin ex girlfriends.....).