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Old Lamplighter
12-18-2006, 23:43
Anybody got any tips on how to revive a disintegrating cork, or, in the alternative - if it is possible? My OGD114 bottle is an older one and has a rather large cork. The bottle is at about the 1/2 full level now. When I pulled the top off over the weekend, some of the cork broke off and fell into the bourbon.:bigeyes: I quickly got the particles out with the aid of a coffee filter. Also, I cleaned out the bottle and refilled it with the 'cleansed' whiskey. At this point, I cannot reuse the top again for fear of the cork falling apart completely. I don't have another OGD114 right now. Is there a way to reinvigorate this old cork, or, should I just keep it covered with a paper towel/rubberband combo until the remainder of the contents are consumed? That is, toss the old cap/cork(?). I had this one for a while and it went ignored for years on the back shelf until catching my interest this month becoming the BOTM. So, my fault the cork dried out over time. Anyhow, thanks for any help and/or advice.

12-18-2006, 23:55
There isn't anything realistic you can do about the cork. If you don't have one of similar size (I tend to keep an assortment for just this sort of situation), then your best bet is to decant the whiskey into another bottle for which you do have an adequate closure.

12-18-2006, 23:57
I'd say you need to just decant that into another bottle, possibly with a screw top. I too have one of those older OGD114 (from ND) that has a deteriorating cork on it. I am close to finishing a BMH16 so I will probably just write on the label what it is upon being emptied and dump the OGD114 into that bottle. Either way, I don't think I'd do the paper towel rubber band trick for too long...

Old Lamplighter
12-19-2006, 20:15
Thanks guys. Problem solved - decanted into another bottle. Nope, that paper and rubber solution was not going to last much longer - another disaster waiting to happen!

12-19-2006, 22:39
praise the bourbon god...... another saved bottle!! :slappin: