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11-03-2001, 17:15
It's 7:40PM EST Saturday Night (11/3)
If you have cable and The History Channel, quit reading the forum and go turn it on right now.
There's a documentary about Bourbon, featuring Jerry Dalton.
It's back on now. Gotta Go.

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11-05-2001, 11:41

How was it? Any clue who made it?

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11-05-2001, 19:04
It wasn't too bad. It was only a half hour show, and we were skimming the channels when we found it, so it was already about five minutes into it. I posted during the first commercial. Not much warning for us EST/CST'ers, but folks on the west coast might have had a chance to see it. It was part of a series the History Channel does called "Hands on History", hosted by Ron Hazelton. They're half hour shows, presented weekly; last week they did a show on guitars and guitar-making, centered on the Martin company in Nazareth, PA. This week the subject was bourbon and they took us on a tour of Jim Beam's Clermont distillery. Of course it had it's share of misinformation, but probably no more than what was published in the Bourbon Festival Official Program. One thing that made me laugh, though, was listening to Jerry Dalton talk about how good bourbon is made by the seat of the pants and not to a bunch of scientific measurements. Sure, Jerry. Fred Noe was on hand and contributed a lot. And much as I respect Booker, it was good to see that Fred was identified as "Jim Beam's great-grandson" without reference to his father.

All in all, the show was certainly not to be compared with <A target="_blank" HREF=http://cowdery.home.netcom.com/page8.html>Made and Bottled in Kentucky</A>, but it was nice to watch. It's a shame these don't seem to be repeated like all the the D-Day films and shark attacks.

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11-22-2001, 06:11
I've seen the same show at another time. They also have an hour long show on drinks which features a lengthy segment on cocktails and bourbon. I taped it for my brother. Aperson could probably go to the website and get the more info.

Getting ready to sample a 25 year old Sazerac cocktail. Let you know if I survived the ectasy.

The Man from Missouri