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12-23-2006, 21:54
I've just discovered that a local liquor store has the complete BTAC collection in stock. I was shocked, because I haven't seen any of the products in this area before. Well, they're 64.99 each and I certainly can't afford the entire collection, and I haven't even had the opportunity to try any version of any of them, except Eagle Rare.

I can probably swing one bottle. What would you suggest?


12-23-2006, 21:59
Handy. Get the Handy.

12-23-2006, 22:23
Handy. Get the Handy.

Given the limited number of barrels (24 I think) making up this bottling and just how damn good it is, I whole heartily agree!

12-23-2006, 22:33
NO WAY!!! The ony reason I bought the Handy at all, was to complete my BTAC sets. Then again, I am not a rye man. In either case, I would vote for the Weller. It is GOOD bourbon.

12-23-2006, 22:35
Weller has my vote.

12-23-2006, 22:39
George T. Stagg: Well, you now the hype -- do you wish to know the reason?
Thomas Handy/Sazerac Rye: It's a first-year issue, and a damned good one.
W.Larue Weller: I know that the 'suits' say it's Stitzel-Weller, and that might have been the original intention, but I believe it is not. Awfully good -- better than the original -- nonetheless. Also, the rarest of the 2006 lot.
Eagle Rare: When it's great, it's almost insurpassable. The '06 is near-great -- and 90 proof.
Sazerac 18yo Rye: Not sure that Buffalo Trace even distilled this. How much do you really like rye -- the grain, I mean, not the whiskey? Because it can be one-dimensional.

To make matters worse, I offer no conclusions, just context. Pick your poison.

12-23-2006, 22:58
Well, I don't agree with the suits very often and I guess I need to drink more of the Weller, but it sure struck me as SW. My palate is no where near as refined as Tim's, but all I am going to say is if BT can make wheat that good we don't need to fret the loss of SW whiskey as much. I need to get another bottle before it is gone because the only one I bought is up in Oregon. Regardless if you can get only 1 it has to be one of the barrel proof bottlings just to get your moneys worth!

Either the Stagg or the Weller, maybe flip a coin. I wouldn't recommend the Handy just because it is still a rye and may not be to your liking if Rye isn't your cup of tea...

Old Lamplighter
12-24-2006, 01:06
Weller has my vote.

My sentiments as well. Personally, I favor wheaters. At 22 barrels of total production, get one quickly.

Now, if I were a Rye man, I would say the Handy.....and, to have one from the first year run is awfully tempting. Due to only 24 barrels of production, this bottle as well is destined for increasing value and scarcity in the near future. Demand will likely outstrip supply at a faster pace than the other members of the Collection - except for the Weller. Recall, the first Stagg and Weller - where can even 1 of these bottles now be had?

12-24-2006, 06:29
Eagle Rare: When it's great, it's almost insurpassable. The '06 is near-great -- and 90 proof.I believe ER17 has always been 90 proof. Yeah, it bothers me too.

12-24-2006, 07:21
You won't go wrong with any one that you choose, but I'd go with Stagg. The reason why I love this bourbon so much, is that you can do so much with it depending if you try it neat, with a drop of water, a little more water, a lot of water, maybe ice....Geeze, you probably can add a little water to your empty glass from the night before, and STILL get a fine drink! The flavor just keeps hammering through. Just AWESOME!
Have fun!!

12-24-2006, 08:51
Get the WLW... both for its taste (it's sensational) and for its scarcity.

12-26-2006, 18:56

12-26-2006, 21:16
The consensus seems to be the '06 WLW is much better than last year's. I still have three '05 WLWs bunkered from last year. To be honest I have only drank about half of the one I opened. I was so disappointed with last year's release I didn't order any of this year's. When I have a hankerin' for a wheater I reach for the Weller Antique.

If you are very fond of Weller antique/Weller 12 by all means go for the WLW '06 otherwise run don't walk back to the store and get the Handy (assuming you like rye). If you don't particularly like rye and the Weller antique/Weller 12 doesn't float your boat for God's sake at least get the Stagg!:grin: If you like bourbon you wont be disappointed!

Big Chipper
12-26-2006, 21:35
Another Weller vote here...

12-27-2006, 13:38
1) Weller is you prefer wheaters
2) Stagg if not (unless you have a previous Stagg)
3) Then do ER

12-27-2006, 13:48
I think this question is completely unfair. It's like asking a thirsty starving man to pick between water or bread.....both are the right choice but one without the other leaves you wanting.....

...and I want them ALL!