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Empty Glass
01-16-2007, 18:12
Hi my SB enthusiasts,

Does any one have any information or knowledge on The Classic Cask 18yr hand crafted bourbon. I just purchased bottle 324/800 from a recommendation from the store owner. I know I should have consulted you guys first but it was cold out and I'm an impulse buyer. Fortunately I wasn't at a car dealership. Thanks Scott

01-16-2007, 22:14
I haven't tried it, but it has been on the market for years. Classic Cask is a bottler/marketer, not a distiller, so it is whiskey made by someone else. Good luck figuring out who. I can also say that 18-years is old for a bourbon, but based on your avatar, you aren't new to very old bourbons, so that shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

You might try the search function. I'm sure this has been mentioned here before.

Empty Glass
01-17-2007, 16:10
Thanks for the info Chuck,

I knew that I had been misled slightly when I read the label late last night that CC was distilled and bottled in Kentucky, but not distilled and bottled by Classic Cask. I had asked the owner that question, who boasted enjoying the CC, whether CC were the distillers and he said that they were. With that misdirection aside I just popped the cork and poured a healthy glass. I'll take a stab at a rockie review based on what I like in a bourbon. I am pleasently surprised with the CC18. A very nice sweet fruity nose. A very smooth pour, which I look for despite the proof or age of a bourbon. Not overly complex the CC18 is different from PVW20 and AHH16, of similar age, which I also enjoy but was hoping that it would be different. There was absolutely no burn and also no warming like PVW20. I thought things would change on my 2nd large pour but it is the same except I'm having more truble typing and can't spell troubel. There are strong flavors of fruit, vanilla and caramel. I don't taste the burnt carmelized oak like the PVW23. The finish is equally pleasing with nothing but delightful fruity, vanilla, lip smacking tastes. As a newbie who just likes a great tasting bourbon, as long as it has a cork, I would highly recommend the CC18 and give higher escalades to the individual who selected the barrel or barrels for this CC18 bottling and highest reguards to the distiller who should surely identify his company or at least this batch.
Dizzy Scott