View Full Version : Jonesy Tawny Port

01-24-2007, 02:22
A couple of days ago, I picked up a bottle of Jonensy Old Tawny Port on a whim. It was $9 at my local wine shop and the manager told me Parker had given it a 93, so I figured why not? I've never been the biggest fortified wine fan, but I figured for under $10, who cares? Try it. It's a blend averaging 46 years old and is made by Trevor Jones in Australia.

I opened it last night and I am very, very impressed. The stuff is wonderful. Lots of fruit and nuts with a pecan pie aroma and some warm earth. I really, really like it.

I hope anyone just looking for a Port to have around will pick this stuff up. You won't regreat it.

I also put a tiny bit of it in a snifter an poured in a shot of Weller 12, they went together beautifully.