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12-02-2001, 14:18
I was recently given a very old bottle of Old Weller 107 as a gift. I don't know it's exact age, but it is hand numbered (D-8514), and I am wondering if anyone knows how I can find out more about this special treat. Any help would be much appreciated!


12-02-2001, 17:35
One way to start is to click the Search link in the menu bar at the top of this page. Search for something like Weller 107 and remove the time restrictions. You should find several postings about this whiskey right here in the history of these forums.

Good luck, Tim

12-02-2001, 17:57
Hi jillykadilly.
look on the bottom of the bottle to find the approx. date. should be two #s on the old style push-up bottle. bought a case last weekend that was made in 75 and bottled in approx. 82 and sure is good and i,m also going back to get the the other case. my bottles show weller original not the antique. maybe someone knows whats up with that. ENJOY--life is good--den