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02-07-2007, 13:37
I have been browsing SB.com including the forums for a few weeks. Thanks for the knowledge, opinions, humor, and even the disagreements. I have never been much of a Bourbon drinker, probably because I have never tasted good Bourbon except for MM on the rocks at a couple of wedding receptions. This site has inspired me to try a variety of Bourbons. I decided to jump in head first and buy a bottle of EC 12. I was intrigued by the mixed opinions of this Bourbon. I liked it very much. I will be trying several others during the next weeks and perhaps provide my preferences. I have already bought bottles of Buffalo Trace and ORVW 10 90. Great site.

02-07-2007, 16:45
Hey Martian, welcome aboard! This site is the best for all things bourbon. My Recomendations to you would include Old Charter (any), Wild Turkey Rye, anything bottled in bond, and Old Fitzgerald/ Weller styled wheaters. From your previous post I can only assume your near Big-D or H-town since Buffalo Trace was a purchase made for it is not in Austin yet. Have fun with your next purchases.
Jeff Mo.

02-07-2007, 16:57
Jeff, yeah, got the Buffalo Trace at Centennial in Dallas. I live in Irving. I will take your advice on some additional purchases. Thanks.