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12-16-2001, 06:36

apart from the above link does anyone else have good links to rye sites?

Is Old Potrero the only 100% rye whisky made these days?



12-17-2001, 09:21
Old Potrero is the only 100% rye whiskey made in the US, but not the only one in the world: Johann Haider makes a whisky from 100% malted rye in his Roggenhof distillery in Austria.

Cheers, Lex

12-17-2001, 15:43
Is Haider's beverage a whiskey, aged in wood, or a schnapps, which is not?

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12-18-2001, 00:46
Hi Chuck

It's aged in oak for three years, so it's a true whisky.

Cheers, Lex

12-18-2001, 09:21
Have you had it? What is it like?

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12-18-2001, 09:35
I have a bottle at home, but haven't had a chance of opening and tasting it yet. Keep an eye out for issue 23 of Whisky Magazine .... (assuming everything goes as planned).

Cheers, Lex

12-18-2001, 10:11
Lex you ugly old whore! After you wrote this article did you dress up as a traditional english school girl? Nickkers and all?

No?! Congratulations old boy! Good show and all that rot! I'll be more than happy to read whatever you get published. You're a good man Lex and I wish you the very best!

Happy Christmas to You Good Sir!

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

12-18-2001, 22:35
Although Canadian Whisky is often referred to as Rye, it rarely has more than 50% rye. Two notable exceptions are Alberta Premium which is 100% Rye, and Lot 40 which is almost all Rye. Although neither resemble bourbon (beware) or each other, they are both quite good in a different kind of way. Certainly worth seeking out for someone "researching" rye.

12-19-2001, 01:08
And the best to you Linn!

I got the commission for the article in WM, but still have to write it and do a whole lot of tastings for it .. sorry to be so cryptic at the moment, but what I can say is that the article will introduce a whole new 'family' of whiskies.

Cheers, Lex