View Full Version : Rittenhouse 21yr or Black Maple Hill 23yr?

02-15-2007, 08:51
I've been getting into rye pretty heavily recently, however the funds are limited. I saw the other day on the shelf Black Maple Hill 23yr Rye and Rittenhouse 21yr for about the same price. I have not had either one of them before, any recomendations for which one to pick up??

02-15-2007, 16:20
I don't have a great basis for making a recommendation, but here's what I know. I have not had the BMH. I have had the Rittenhouse. I like the Rittenhouse very much. I know people who don't. Aside from that, I would choose the Rittenshouse over the BMH just because I prefer distiller products to independent bottler products, because we know exactly who made the Rittenhouse and we don't know who made the BMH.

02-18-2007, 09:43
Thanks for the help. Went back but the Rittenhouse 21 was gone. Picked a 100p BIB Rittenhouse though, not bad for $15.