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03-18-2007, 12:08
Hi All, I'm New to Straightbourbon and here's my burning question.

I've been without even a taste of bourbon for the last 18 months as I've been on a very strict low calorie diet which unfortunately had no room in it for bourbon. The good news is I've been successful in loosing a barrel of weight and now I'm ready to start tasting bourbon again at least on two days a week.

Here are the bourbon's I've stockpiled over the last months and I'd like everyone's opinion on which one they would choose as their first drink again after such a long layoff and their rationale for the choice.

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 1996
Evan Williams 1783 10 y/o
Wild Turkey BIB 101
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
Wellers Antique 107
Old Grandad 114
Woodford Reserve

I know its a limited selection but what would be your first taste if you hadn't had a taste in 18 months?


03-18-2007, 12:20

Congratulations on the weight loss. If only I . . . Never mind.

I'm surprised at your question. I would expect you to have a hankering for whatever you considered your favorite. In your place, I expect my hankering would be for Kentucky Spirit or Rare Breed.

BTW, I don't recall seeing the "BIB" apellation attached to any Wild Turkey product. Is that an export-only bottling?

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

03-18-2007, 12:31
I know its a limited selection but what would be your first taste if you hadn't had a taste in 18 months?


Not at all, I think you stocked a very good variety.
Man, 18 months, well after that long I would pick up a big bag of ice and a big water tumbler and get with that Wild Turkey 101 and the Evan William 1783.
Then the next night do some tasting, have a Weller's Antique 107 neat, followed by a Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, also neat, the diffference works so well together.

03-18-2007, 15:04
Welcome and congratulations on the weight loss. Also, good luck keeping the weight off, I am perpetually trying to loose a few pounds because this often seems harder to do than actually loose the weight. I have never tried any of the Even Williams products but have had everything else on your list and there is one bottle on your list that stands out to me, the Weller Antique, as it is the only wheater on your list. My rationale? It’s one of my favorites and, imo, a great value although that probably doesn’t matter to you since you already bought it. I would follow with a pour of Bakers as it is the same age and proof as the Weller but made with rye rather than wheat.
Before I knew what “BIB” meant I used to think it meant something like “Bottle in a Box” (:lol:)because I’d noticed that there are brands, like Wild Turkey 101, that sometimes come in a box and more often do not. Maybe you’ve made the same mistake?

03-18-2007, 15:27
Thanks guys the weight loss was a long road but It seems its been worth it.

Dave and Gothbat, My mistake the WT is not BIB ( I thought all high proof bourbons were called BIB)

Dave, Old Grandad 86 was my regular pour for many years until about 7 years ago it started tasting too sweet to me so I began to search around and never really found one favorite again. WT represents the standard of bourbons to me. A bourbon's bourbon if you will. I never took a liking to Markers or Knob Creek, but I did like the smoothness of Woodford. I'm looking forward to tasting a variety of good bourbons thanks to the education I'm getting here at Straightboubon.

Oscar, I was thinking along the same lines, hard to beat WT101 over some pure ice. Might give my palate somewhat of a reference point. Although I think palate might require some tylenol and an ice bag the next day!!!


03-19-2007, 05:42
Starting with an ultra clean palate such as yours the EWSB should be the one you would like from the start. After a couple weeks of conditioning the Turkeys would be my choice maybe with an ice cube or two.


03-19-2007, 13:31
Nice one on losing the weight Greg!

I have a friend on the 14th week of Lighter Life program - she has not eaten a thing in over 14 weeks. She gets a wee bit cranky but looks MUCH better and feels she has more energy - oh not forgetting she has lost a gang of weight!

Back onto the Good Stuff for you then! Out of the list you provided I would head straight for the WT RB no question.

KS and Baker's would be close behind but I really get on with Rare Breed so that's my reason.

Enjoy your pour - you have earned it I'm sure! (Hey now that rhymes)

Old Lamplighter
03-19-2007, 22:57
I know its a limited selection but what would be your first taste if you hadn't had a taste in 18 months?



First, hats off to you on the weight loss program. In the process, you accomplished 2 feats I very seriously believe would be way beyond my wildest dreams of possibility: the ability to not enjoy bourbon for such a period of time while compiling a very nice stash of same. Now, that is what I call sheer blood n' guts willpower! The answer to your question lies in your impulse at the moment of decision to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If it were me, I would either start with the smooth wheater that I find in Weller Antique 107, OR, with the bang of Old Grandad 114. You cannot go wrong with either one - or for that matter, anything else you have compiled there in between. All are of high quality.

Again, the highest congrats on your accomplishments.


03-20-2007, 08:00
I would opt for the Kentucky Spirit, mostly because I have never had it. But I love the premium Wild Turkeys that I have had. Really, any of the bourbons you have on hand would make a fine celebratory pour.



03-20-2007, 16:49
Congrats on the weight loss. I'm down ~50lbs. since last July but managed to keep bourbon on the menu. As I sit here, now, sipping on a WT 101, I imagine that a healthy pour of Weller Antique would probably hit the spot after an 18 month hiatus - followed by a big, fat, medium rare ribeye.

03-22-2007, 17:07
Well, today I reached my weight loss goal!! Not to brag but I weigh in at a svelte 177 lbs. I started at 442 lbs!!!!!! It took 16 months of diet and excercise (not surgery) to loose 265lbs!!.

Well, on to more important matters, the bourbon tasting!!!

First, I appreciate everyone's comments and I've considered them all!!

Its like I'm a kid in a candy store so I know I can't go wrong.

I've been dying to try the wheater, So I couldn't resist cracking the Weller's Antique first to get a taste. It, unfortunately didn't live up to my expectations, as I thought it was very sweet, but with nice orange and some chery notes and a smooth initial taste for its proof. Not much burn on the tounge but a lot of alcohol on the nose.

Next, I opened the OGD 114. Standard OGD was my first daily pour 15 years ago and the 114 didn't dissapoint me. A powerful Oaky and cherry nose and first impression which the Oak eventually dominates with a nice steady burn instead of a punch and not too sweet. Lets you know this OGD means business. I've always preferred by bourbon over ice so later tonight I will pour some over ice to see if It mellows some of the 144's strength.

Good to be back in the game and I'm looking forward to tasting the others in my little bunker and I'm still learning how to express my impressions to others.


03-22-2007, 18:24
Well, today I reached my weight loss goal!! Not to brag but I weigh in at a svelte 177 lbs. I started at 442 lbs!!!!!!

Your kidding...

03-24-2007, 21:06
Absolutly no joke about the weight loss. It was a real bear, but I knuckled down for 16 months and did it.

As for the more important matter of bourbon tasting, tried the Weller's again tonight and again compared to the OGD 114 and liked the Weller's a little better tonight, but still have to say I prefer the spiciness and perception of more body of the OGD to the smooth sweetness of the Weller's. I'm assuming its the wheat versus rye issue. The Weller's did make a very nice Old Fashioned. Can't wait to try some of the others!!