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Theron Volkman
01-12-2002, 15:12
I passed through the liquor section at my favorite grocery store earlier today just to see what they had on sale. I found some Russel's Reserve for $14.99 under a sign saying clearance, so I purchased a couple of bottles and bought less food. On the way home I stopped at my favorite liquor store to purchase some micro brew beer and they had Rare Breed for $24.98 also with a sign saying clearance so I bought a bottle of that too. I hope this doesn't mean that they are going to discontinue carrying these two brands but I couldn't resist the price.

01-12-2002, 18:57
Yes, that is a scary thought, especially since Rare Breed is my very favorite.


01-12-2002, 23:47
Well Theron, it's good to see you back on the forum. Great prices too! There is no indication that Rare Breed is going to be discontinued. All of the Wild Turkey bottlings a good solid sellers. Our current economic recession makes comodities cheaper. This is a good time to stock up on bourbon; buy a car, stocks, or a house. If you're out of work, however, it is not a good time to find a job. Recessions suck.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.