View Full Version : Value of a Very old Bottle of Kentucky Bourbon

01-19-2002, 14:55
I have recently found an old bottle of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. It was made by The American Medicinal Spirits Company. The bottle is Full and sealed. The label says it was made in 1917 and bottled in 1930.The bottle says it was produced by H. Kraver at Distillery No 50, 2nd District of Kentucky. The bottle, label and contents are in near perfect condition. I was wondering if you new the value of this bottle or where I could find out. Thank You.

01-20-2002, 21:39
There is no established secondary market for American whiskey, as there are very few collectors. You might be able to get $50-$100, but that's the range, not thousands. Sorry, no big Antiques Roadshow-type windfalls here. What you have is actually surprisingly common. As hard as it supposedly was to get good bourbon during Prohibition, there sure is a lot of that Prohibition-era medicinal whiskey around.

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