View Full Version : Vacuum Sealing Your Bottles

04-19-2007, 18:38
I was wondering if anybody has tried vacuum sealing their very special old vintage bottles. By vacuum sealing I am referring to one of the machines that you could put what you want to preserve in a special bag and the machine pumps the air out and seals it. Since Air and cork are the two main things that will turn a great bourbon bad; do you think that vacuum sealing would be good to preserve a very special bottle the you dont plan on opening for a while ? Has any one done this ?

05-29-2007, 01:07
If a bottle has a screwlid there`s little harm but bottles closed with a cork,never lay them down to rest cos the alcohol can dissolve the glue that holds the cork to the lid and makes it undrinkable.The best solution thus far with bottles you like to keep is simple...look at Maker`s mark,put wax on the neck and it is sealed,also wax is cheaper to get than a vacuum sealer and is looking much more decorative than a condom over a bottle:grin: .Eric.

06-07-2007, 12:42
I find that the rubber corks with the plastic vacuum pumps work very well on most 750 ml. bottles for those worried about excessive oxidation. It sucks the air right out of the bottle. The brand I have seen most often is Vacuvin. Really designed for wine bottles. Made in Holland.

06-07-2007, 23:57
The problem with vacuvin is that after a few days the air comes in so as a temporarily cork it is okay but for long storage is useless.Also i`ve noticed that some vacuvincorks are starting to leak after a while.Eric.