View Full Version : Toronto Bourbon Dinner

05-07-2007, 08:16
This Friday night a dinner is being held at beerbistro in Toronto, a restaurant (its name is spelled as indicated with the lower case "b") which specialises in beer and beer cuisine but also does whiskey-related events occasionally. This is connected to Spirit of Toronto, a mainly malt whisky fest taking place here (at a different location) the next night. The dishes at the beerbistro dinner have been prepared using different whiskeys (including Blanton Special Reserve, Maker's and Knob Creek) with the whiskeys being offered of course to accompany. It looks great (e.g. the welcoming cocktail is a combination of a stout, brown ale and JB Black, something even I haven't tried!). Unfortunately I can't attend it, but I mention it because there are a few Toronto or area board members who might like to know about it. If you want more information, PM me and I'll point you to same.