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05-18-2007, 07:59
I like to trawl through the older posts, first, there is a heck of a lot of information here (it's like having 20 bourbon books on different aspects), second, it gives me ideas to revive or adapt some of the discussions.

In one thread from 2002, Jim Butler asked whether any bourbon would go with a salmon and spinach quiche. Later he sent another post where he said the idea could "gag a maggot", so methinks the question was asked tongue in cheek, but I'll have a go since summer is coming and quiche is a standard at our place in the nice weather.

(I like mushroom quiches, with bacon, with asparagus, spinach indeed, and salmon too, smoked is nice).

I think this is one of the times that bourbon and water will complement such a dish. Also, the bourbon should be on the dry side and not too pungent in any way. Something like Blanton would work well, and I think of that one because that is a scotch-like whisky to me. And I was reading recently in a cookbook from the 1930's that eggs and egg dishes are the one thing with which no alcohol goes well.

The author said there is at "at least one exception" to this rule, which was scotch and water with the morning eggs, bacon and toast.

I have tried this and it works very well, you want a decent blend or light malt, nothing too fawncy.

Well, it works great too with a dry bourbon. Old Fitz BIB would work also. So I propose same to answer Jim's question.


05-19-2007, 00:11
Gary, I'll have to give this a try as, and I don't care about that saying, I love quiche! The exact way you mention it sounds marvelous, the B, A, S and S makes a great combo in my humble opinion.

05-19-2007, 04:30
Yes thanks Christian and by the way, the thread wasn't tongue in cheek about the dish itself (Jim said in fact he liked it), it was about (or part of it) whether bourbon suits an egg dish like quiche lorraine. I am trying to find that English comment about scotch and water and eggs in the morning, I think it was in a book on bachelor cooking. Possibly the author in that case was a little tongue in cheek to suggest scotch and water goes well with eggs in the morning (i.e., he may have meant it was a hangover remedy) but in fact I've tried it for brunch and it goes very well. I did it in the older English way, scotch and soda or water, no ice, about 50/50.

Another bourbon that might go well for this is Maker's, which is hardly sweet today, or the current Old Taylor.