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06-19-2007, 19:23
Well, as I've watched my post numbers count down toward 3,000 -- and realizing that only Chuck, Gary and Jeff (whose profile remains a well-guarded secret:skep:) heretofore have attained, though without my garrulousness, that lofty number -- I've pondered how appropriately to mark such an occasion. I cannot. The best I can do is break out my best open bottle (and, pending future openings, perhaps my best, period!), which existence has been heretofore only hinted at to those who haven't tasted from it -- a barrel-proof example of Pappy bourbon obtained in a trade last year with Preston Van Winkle in exchange for a '50s-vintage Very Old Fitzgerald:
4226 4227 4228
DSP-KY-16; barreled on June 20, 1985; bottled September 2006 at 21 years, 2+ months; 115.108 proof

Well, who knows, I may never get to 3,000:lol:, so I've decided to jump the gun and drink to y'all tonight.
:toast:To Dave and Jim Butler, the founders and keepers of this worldwide community of bourbonians; to the bourbon makers and bottlers, past and present, without whom we would be diminished by the absence of a lubricant of our conviviality; and, especially, to my friends -- virtual, potential, and actual -- who have become too numerous for me to begin mentioning for fear of omitting someone undeserving of omission: to us, in awareness and gratitude that our interaction is in furtherance and celebration of good and well-lived society. Cheers! :toast:

06-19-2007, 19:29
Hey Tim.....you and Biggio are in a race to 3000. He won't make his for a few weeks. That drink looks great. Save me a taste..

I'll toast with a Saz Jr Manhattan with Fee's orange bitters.

Here's to SB.com and Tim.


06-19-2007, 19:36
I will toast you too, Tim, mainly to stay ahead. (Making my 5,000 bones.)

06-19-2007, 19:42
And Chuck.....your 5000th. Wow. And if content was a factor, both of your numbers would be "out of here".


06-19-2007, 19:44
Wow, congratulations, Tim, now how about a taste note for that barrel sample? No better way to get closer to the magic 3000.

And Chuck, congratulations too, that's quite a milestone, and a unique one.

I'm getting to 4000 folks, it won't be long. And when I get there, I am stopping (just kidding).


06-19-2007, 21:13
A lot of zeros to go around today. I passed 1,000 today in the VBT yellow pawn thread. Here here to Tim Sousley and another 3,000 posts. A good guy and a good friend. :toast:

He does seem to be racking up milestones lately, though, doesn't he? :cool:

Maybe we should send him to China! :skep: (Where did that come from?) :bigeyes:

06-20-2007, 02:00
Congrats, Gents and SB.com...not having any barrel proof Pappy to toast with, I'll go with the closest I have open, ORVW 10/107 Lburg.

Two years ago I would have never thought of joining a forum, but within minutes of finding this one I knew I had to join, and recently passed 1500 posts adn have made many good friends in the process.

Cheers to SB.com and its fine members

06-20-2007, 03:21
I missed that about Cliff's 1000, hearty congratulations!


06-20-2007, 05:12
Congratulations to all and their posting contributions. I've learned a lot from you guys and have put a strain on my marriage to boot with all of these bottles!

06-20-2007, 05:56
Congrats to SB.Com and all those who dewll here. Congrats to Tim for a milestone of well written and well advised posts. Cheers to all, including all those in China.
Joe :usflag:

06-20-2007, 06:17
And I add my congrats to Timothy, Joe and any others whose recent milestone I missed. Of course quantity is not always quality and those who contribute less are also appreciated. Many here contribute, too, in ways not always apparent on the board. The point is, there is still lots to learn about whiskey and in many ways I think I've only scratched the surface. Each has his or her own way of approaching the subject. One aspect of my investigations is by exploring other drinks because this sheds light, often, on our specific interest here, and also it is a part of the story of which bourbon is a part. I am, as is well known I think, a "lumper" not a "splitter" but we need both perspectives. Without the loyalty shown to bourbon, especially in its home areas of production, probably the drink would not have survived and in recent years, flourished.


06-20-2007, 15:24
Yep fellas, I'll tip an ETL to you guys, and the others (you know who you are) who are the heart and soul of this fine community. Thanks for the opportunity to hang with ya'll.



06-20-2007, 16:28
OK, this thread looks like a good place to post my #500! I think that is the post level to go to next level, Connoisseur. (of course maybe Jim will give me a more appropriate title like Mr. Anal Retentive Bourbon Drinker)

I've been an official member here since 07-05-2003. According to the current members list, this puts me as the 329 member. 500 posts places me at 40th on total # of posts. I don't think I'll ever catch up to Chuck (cowdery), but I also don't think y'all would want me to. I enjoy Chuck's posts.

Since I signed up, another 2061 have joined our ranks. You know, I lurked here reading posts off and on for 3 years before joining. As I type, looking at who's online, there are 7 members and 77 guests. If you are one of those lurking guests and want to expand your knowledge of bourbon, do sign up!

The Butler boys run a great site!

06-20-2007, 21:12
Great going Tim! As I checked in you are at 2,999 posts. Only one more to go.

And congrats to all the other people passing their respective milestones. I am not sure how close I am, but I am creeping up on disciple. Hm. got a ways to do, 1,129 posts to date.


06-21-2007, 08:49
Tim, et al, Congratulations! This is also a good place to say thank you to everyone for all the information and knowledge that I have gained about bourbon from this site, both on line and at the gazebo. I hope to see many of you again in September and I'm sure you will add to my knowledge of and appreciation of bourbon.


06-22-2007, 18:52
Damn that looks good.

06-23-2007, 12:23
Seems as though this thread has gone "beyond it's original subject at hand"...and that leaves me shaking my head. As most of you know me by now I'm not one to "hold my tongue" or in this case fingers :lol: :lol:

First let me specifically say that there's nothing wrong with celebrating a "post count" nothing wrong what-so-ever. I don't keep up with it and I'd have to check to see what mine is but to each his own. Some folks like to think that just because they have a jillion posts that they "are the reason SB.com is the #1 Bourbon resource on the internet.

The #1 reason for SB.com being successful is because of Jim Butler. He works endlessly for Straightbourbon.com, without pay...He keeps out the riff-raff and makes our community what it is today. No matter how many posts counts there are on theses forums none would be possible if it were not for Jim Butler and Dave Butler...Dave will tell you as he's told me a time or two :grin: Straightbourbon.com is successful because of all the work that Jim has done :grin:

I find it hard to watch as "others" have not posted in this thread and yet they are all over the place making posts related to "taking care of themselves" and what they want...but not taking the time to say thanks for such a "great place" to play...

Tim created this thread because he made a milestone post count and yet took the time to say Thank you for making this happen.

If not a post here private message him :grin: :grin: He's very accessable and very friendly kinda guy :grin: :grin:

Soooooooooooooooooooo...lets get this thread back on track and everyone thank the man who's made Straightbourbon.com what it is today :grin: :grin: :grin:

Thanks Jim :grin: :grin: :grin: Know that we love ya! :grin: :grin: :grin: You're #1 MAN! :grin: :grin:

06-23-2007, 12:53
Congrats and thank you to those like Tim and Chuck who have made this such a terrific place!

06-24-2007, 05:21
I find it hard to watch as "others" have not posted in this thread and yet they are all over the place making posts related to "taking care of themselves" and what they want...but not taking the time to say thanks for such a "great place" to play...

Guilty party here,:grin:
While I have no clue as to what it took to build and then maintain SB.com, I still have to give my thanks to Jim for all the work he has done.
Also the moderators.
I could post a million more posts and still would not be able to contribute more than I have taken from this site in information and entertainment.

06-24-2007, 05:44
Being in a different time zone I often come on and look who's online, it's Jim. He's doing something to the site to make it safer/faster/just better in general (is that possible:)). Up till late and back here early. A very dedicated man, indeed.
Thanks Jim :toast:
Without this site, I would be missing a lot of bottles, and more importantly I wouldn't know as many great people.


06-24-2007, 12:29
Tim that was inspiring. Wanting to join in your toast and looking for something approiate I finally opened a bottle of Old Fitzgerald that was bottled in 1984. That was the year one of our local merchants opened his liquor store and it was the last bottle of his early stock. Failing health caused his retirement but before closing he took me into the back, unlocked a closet and handed me the last link to the store's founding. After telling me the whole story he said, "I've been saving this for somebody who would appreciate it". Then he insisted I pay the original sticker price.

So I raise a glass in return and offer a solid handshake to Jim Butler for hosting a party of this size. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make sure things run smoothly so the guests can just relax and enjoy themselves.


06-25-2007, 01:33
Just starting out here, so I propose a toast to my 'elders'. ;)

06-26-2007, 08:29
Congrat's to all of our 000's posters. Your contributions should be recognized.

Many thanks to Jim and Dave for making all this possible. They've created a place for us to socialize and find others who enjoy tasting and collecting our favorite spirit.

06-26-2007, 09:44
Thanks Dave. My thanks to Jim and Dave Butler are always implied and made express on occasion, sometimes on the board, sometimes (in different ways) off. But it can never be said too many times and Bettye Jo's reminder is salutary.