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Tim Dant
06-23-2007, 12:19
Everyone... forget bourbon in China, I need to confirm information about bourbon in Kentucky and Ohio. J.W. Dant (who was my great-great grandfather) bourbon is apparently distilled by Heaven Hill and I need information regarding why they do not distribute my namesake bourbon to the state of Ohio. I grew up in Louisville and now reside in Dublin, Ohio. Also looking for any collectables, etc. that relate to Dant bourbon.

Thanks very much.

Tim Dant

06-23-2007, 17:18
First, using your first post to hijack a thread, when you could just as easily have begun a new one, does not get you off to a good start here.

Second, Ohio is a control state and, as such, getting brands listed there is difficult, expensive and, in some ways, impossible. In some cases, for example, each company is limited to a certain number of listings and would have to drop one to add another.

Third, Dant is a very small brand without much future upside potential and while it makes business sense for Heaven Hill to continue distributing it where it is currently sold, it would make very little business sense for them to start launching it into new markets.

Fourth, we're not Heaven Hill. If you have an issue with Heaven Hill, take it up with them. There's nothing the people here can do about it.

06-23-2007, 21:58
Also looking for any collectables, etc. that relate to Dant bourbon.

Track ebay. Sometimes they have Dant stuff :grin:

I did a quick search and found quite a few listings. See attachment :grin:

06-25-2007, 22:32
Dant BIB on self at local package stores in Birmingham, but the state ABC has discontinued it. A very good Bottled in Bond. Good Luck !