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V Smoothe
07-01-2007, 13:50
A friend recently gave me a bottle of bourbon, "Michter's Small Batch Bourbon US*1." A couple of years ago, I bought a bottle of Michter's which I quite liked, but I don't believe it was the same as this. If I remember correctly, it was called something like "10 year single barrel."

Anyway, I had mentioned to my friend that I had enjoyed that Michter's but hadn't seen it recently, and he brought me this one day. He also gave me the receipt in case it wasn't what I was looking for and wanted to return it.

I haven't opened this bottle yet, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and whether they found it to be any good. According to the receipt, he paid $33.99 for it, and I can think of other several bottles I would very much like at that price. On the other hand, I'm certainly not opposed to trying new things. I'm wondering if I should take it back and try to exchange it for something else, or if I should keep it. I would appreciate hearing about anyone's experience with this bottle. Oh, it says on the neck "Batch No 7B-20" if that means anything.

I did try searching the forums for information about this, but none of the old threads I found seemed to discuss this particular whiskey. Perhaps I have not quite mastered the search function here yet.

12-08-2007, 15:05
i just bought this one today...on sale for $30.99 here in PA.

am curious what others think as well. the american straight blue label (non-bourbon) bottle was very good.

i have high hopes...

12-08-2007, 15:17
well, i have a family function to head to (in-laws), but until i can post my own thoughts on this, here's a review:

Recommended F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal: "The rich bronze color sparkles under the lamp; perfect purity. The initial whiffs uncover dry notes of stone-milled grist and dried fruit; following the aeration stage, the bouquet offers peppery/spicy scents that accent the dry graininess. The palate entry is surprisingly sweet and corny, considering how dry the aroma is; the midpalate point is deep, corny sweet, sap-like and a bit syrupy. Ends up well and balanced, with a backnote of dried red fruit (raisins, prunes). A handsome addition to this series."