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dave ziegler
07-14-2007, 04:04
Last night I got out some of my more rare Continental Distilling bottles and looked closely and on the Back of my Stillbrook Corn whiskey bottle it says distilled at #2 Pekin IL bottled at American Distilling Corp Linfield Pa so that tells me there is no doubt that Publicker owned American Distilling as I had said in my last letter. Also my Midwest Corn whiskey bottle says Continental Distilling Phila Pa and Midwest was another American Distillery Product. I do not know when they bought American but I read it was sold early 1980 and that is when Publicker sold all its Drinking Alcohol Plants and stills. They tried running just Industrial Stuff but were to deep in debt and went out. Also when I walked through the abandon Kinsey Plant one time I saw a couple of old ripped up Guckenheimer Cases that said American Distilling Linfield Pa! I am going to give a part of a list of some of the brands they made they had over 112 + but I have 50 of them on my list
1. Linfield Bourbon
2. Sweepstakes Blended whiskey
3.Kinsey Silver & Gold Blended Whiskey, rye & Gin
4.Planters Club Bourbon
5.Embassy Club Whiskey
6.Cobbs Creek Whisky
7.Hallers County Fair Bourbon
8. Rittenhouse Rye which was sold to Heaven Hill when they left the Whisky bussiness
9.Dixie Belle Gin
10.Diplomat whiskey,Gin,and Vodka
11.MacArthur's Scotch
12.Kulov Vodka
13.Glen Mavis Scotch
14 Stillbrook Corn whiskey
15.Meadwood Whiskey
16.Midwest Corn Whiskey
17.Canaadian Host Whiskey was brought in by them
18.King James Scotch
19Semkov Vodka
20. Old Colony Gin
21.James Martin VVO Scotch was imported in by them
22.Pinwinnie Scotch imported only by them then
23.Neshaminy Rye Whiskey
24.Keystone State Rye Whiskey
25.Biggest seller Old Hickory
26. second biggest seller InverHouse Scotch.
27. Old Classic Whiskey
28.Phila blended Whiskey
29.Charter Oak Whiskey
30. Governors Club Whiskey
31. Bankers Club Gin under the Name Regent Distillers
and I have 29 more and there are very many I do not know as they were the world Biggest Maker of drinking Alcohol. Thursday night I got out a full bottle of Inver House Scotch I bought from the man I got the half of a Half gallon Of Old Hickory from and had a shot it was fine after 30+ years of never being open it was good but could never compare to the Smooth taste of the Old hickory which I will be having a shot of on my 60th Birthday in Sept. They are now talking aobut tearing down what is left of Kinsey Distillery and putting a trash to steam plant there what a sad ending to the history of a great company.
Dave z

07-14-2007, 11:59
There is an interesting article in the current issue of Malt Advocate about Inver House, which is a Scottish whiskey producer that was started by Publicker in the 1960s. When Publicker went under, Inver House was spun off via management buyout. They are doing well today, a little bit of living legacy of Publicker.

dave ziegler
07-15-2007, 04:51
Thanks for the Information on Inver House it was their second biggest seller. I remember one time being called to the old Kinsey Bottle house they were starting it up to do a big order for Jaquins they could not keep up with their orders so got Publicker to make some for them using Publickers Alcohol. Where can you buy the Magzine with the artical? Had a shot of 30+ years old Inver House on Thursday bought a full bottle when I bought my half full bottle of Old Hickory from a man who lives near me.

07-15-2007, 21:41
Check the Malt Advocate web site. (http://maltadvocate.com) It is in the current issue, which is Volume 16, Number 3, Third Quarter 2007. If you can't find anything about how to order individual issues, email them and ask.

I recommend Malt Advocate and WHISKY Magazine. Neither one has enough American whiskey content, but you should subscribe and then clamor for more.

01-06-2008, 17:45
Ha! I See My Old Favorite On Your List...meadwood. I've Been Searching For A Bottle Just To Have For A Keepsake But Have Been Unsuccessful. Know Where I Can Find One? Amosan

01-20-2008, 09:58
Dave, do you have any knowledge on the mashbills they used?

01-28-2008, 20:10
When will the rest of the list be up? I need to go back and read your other posts on Publiker. Thanks

dave ziegler
02-05-2008, 17:26
I don't think anyone ever bought the Meadwood brand when they went under. I never had any Meadwood myself but do have an empty Bottle!

dave ziegler
02-05-2008, 17:28
Sorry do not know that one but I know one thing they made great stuff and in the old days the Steers enjoyed the mash afterward! Be Well!

dave ziegler
02-05-2008, 17:30
Jeff will work on getting the rest of their brands up soon!

dave ziegler
03-03-2008, 10:35
Dave, do you have any knowledge on the mashbills they used?
Hi Looked through some old Papers from Continental I have and the ratio for their Bourbon was stated as 60/40 if that is any help to you.