View Full Version : Elmer T. Lee and the newbie

07-20-2007, 16:38
I think that I am currently drinking the finest pour of Whiskey I have ever had. This is truely an superior Bourbon. That said there are many yet to try.

There are 3 ways to drink whiskey. In a cocktail, as a shot or in a glass. The cocktails moment is for hot nights cookin on the barbie or at a party. The shot is the fast one. It shines on a cold winter's night. After the hunt or after work with a buddy backed by a beer. But if you truely want experience Whiskey then you drink it slowly in a glass. It doesn't really matter if you sip it neat, on the rocks or with varying amounts of water. You can only truely experience the Whiskey this way. Definately IT is at it's finest moment when consumed this way.

That was my speech to my nephew on his birthday. and thus I broke out a bottle of ETL and started with the experimenting. First my favorite way of coarse...Slowly!:70358-devil:

07-20-2007, 20:32
ETL and EC 12 are the 2 bourbons I introduce friends to that enjoy quality whiskey served neat or on the rocks. Very light on the palet and are very easy sipping to intro them into the world of full bodied bourbons.

The only things I shoot are tequila, and even then, I shudder. If I'm drinking quality anything, I don't chase with a beer. Chasers are for forgetting what you'll regret drinking in the morning.

07-21-2007, 07:41
I agree and I have tried a lot of different bourbons. Elmer T. Lee is truly a superior bourbon.