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07-23-2007, 05:50
Have you ever heard the buzz, read the reviews and got caught up in the build up to a particular bottle of bourbon and when you finally try it, you just go,... "well it ain't bad but the hype is not justified."
This has happened to me a few times.

Saturday I finally got to my Van Winkle Family Reserve Lot B.
I repeat, WOW!
This is one classy bottle of whiskey.
I love the dried fruits, mmmmm apricots, the 90.4 proof I thought was going to be to low, but it is perfect.
I got out a snifter and have my nose in the glass when not drinking, I can't get enough of that aroma.
I have to say that I like it better than Pappy 20 and 15 year old, and that is saying a lot.

Oh so nice not to be let down.

Expectations, spelled wrong in title

07-23-2007, 16:12
It's happened. Most recently, maybe about 6 months ago, with a bottle of Buffalo Trace. I know it's a mid priced product, maybe even less than mid priced, but after reading what so many people had to say I thought it was going to be outstanding.

It truly wasn't bad. It was enjoyable enough although it had kind of an off taste. Maybe I just wasn't familiar with the taste profile. I guess I must have been expecting more. I'm sure I'll buy another bottle as it's only priced slightly of $20.00 per bottle.

Now on the other hand. I've been so impressed with Eagle Rare 10 that I recommend it to everyone who will listen. The first time I bought it only because it was on sale for $17.99 and I just can't pass up the chance to try something new so cheaply. Now the price is $21.99 and sale priced at $19.99 but I never have less than a couple bottles on hand. I bought it expecting nada and came away immensely satisfied.


07-23-2007, 16:43
I know that feeling. I purchased a bottle of WT Tribute. Needless to say, I didnt like it at all. Only one time have I tried it and I really don't intend on trying it again for quite some time.

07-24-2007, 11:02
Sure, that's happend to me but less so now that I'm a little more educated when it comes to bourbon. Early in my bourbon training, I got caught up in the hype over Hirsch 16 year. Got a bottle and didn't like it....still don't. Now, that was the gold foil. I recently had the pleasure of trying the blue wax and what a difference. I mean BIG difference to me. If I had a bottle of blue wax, I would nurture, savor and drink oh so slowly to preserve it. Too bad for me...I don't have one.

In response to OscarV's experience with Lot B, I find it to be a consistenly wonderful pour. I loved it the first time I tried and it and still do. I don't drink it as much anymore because there are so many other bourbons out there that I tend to mix it up. In fact, another one that seemed to have some hype around it was the older WT products, 8 or 12 year. Although I've had some older bottles now for a couple of months, I hadn't tried them..until two weeks ago. I opend a 1.75 WT 8 year 101 and man did it knock me over. It had such a wonderful nose and palate. Too bad the current iterations are but distant cousins.....well, in my opinion.

07-24-2007, 16:21
This question is totally off-topic, but was curious to know why Julian chooses such low proofs for his bourbon. Does anyone know? I mean 90.5 proof is not high by any means. I'm sure it has something to do with taste, but yield also must play some sort of roll.

I'd love to see a barrel proof Pappy which I've heard has happened in the past for a special Sam's release or Binny's. But why not offer it beyond that? I'd love to taste some S&W right out of the barrel.

07-24-2007, 19:02
Well, Pappy 15 is 107 proof, and ORVW 10 is available in 90 and 107 (I haven't tried the 90).

I haven't had a Lot B in a while, but I certainly loved it when I had it - I'm going to have to pick one up next time I go looking for a bottle.

07-24-2007, 19:15
Oscar, nobody will emulate your tastes. It's both a glory and disadvantage of fora such as these -- people differ.
That said, I also think today's Lot B (Bernheim whiskey) is not as good as the original. I wish it weren't so, but I've uniformly thought as much when I've tasted known Bernheim Lot B.
That's not to say it isn't fine bourbon. If there is anyone's palate I trust more than my own, it's Julian's! But, it's not up to the S-W versions. Woodier, less caramel/butter.
Now, Randy B's "Van Blankle" Lot B (S-W, of course) is as fine a bourbon as anyone could want...

07-24-2007, 22:20
This topic screams for a mention of Maker's Mark. They market well, but the product is too bland. I'd rather spend less than half to obtain a bottle of plain Ancient Age, a 3yr old that is also bland, maybe mild is a better term, but more enjoyable to me. Or, for almost exactly half the price I can have Beam Green or AAA 10star.