View Full Version : Pleasant Surprise

08-24-2007, 17:17
So my sister went to KY a year ago and I told her to pick me up a bunch of bourbon. Drank 1 bottle of the 5 she got me (buffalo trace) I brought back Old Pogue to discover they now carry it out here. Then I forgot what she had 'bunkered' for me in TX. I called home today and she was went and looked. a 4 roses small batch and 2 bottles of PVW 15yr! I had totally forgotten she had picked those up and I was super stoked to find 1 bottle out here. So now I've got 3...which means I'm certainly dipping into one this weekend.

Surprise surprise...I was very happy to hear that!

08-24-2007, 21:13
Houston....we have no problem!
The Eagle has landed.