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08-30-2007, 23:21
Has anyone ever heard of or tried this?

I remember seeing it on an episode of Thirsty Traveler and have wanted to try it ever since.

If anyone has tried this and has any recommendations, I'd really like to hear them. And...if you know where I can order some online, please let me know. :grin:

08-31-2007, 13:39
It might help if we knew what it is. Any brand names? Is it a whiskey-based liqueur flavored and sweetened with maple syrup? I vaguely recall the Thirsty Traveler episode and I think that was actually a maple syrup distillate, which sounds interesting but wouldn't be whiskey (i.e., not from grain). No sure what it would be, though. The Standards of Identity don't really anticipate a spirit made from tree sap.

08-31-2007, 15:03
Thanks for the reply Chuck.

One of the only links I could find was the one below.
It's not much to go on though and is not the shape of the bottle shown in the Thirsty Traveler episode (said bottle was a long tall bottle)

http://www.kittlingridge.com/Descriptions/Tasting_Notes_Oh_Canada_Maple_Liqueur.htm (http://www.kittlingridge.com/Descriptions/Tasting_Notes_Oh_Canada_Maple_Liqueur.htm)

It's also mentioned here on Wikipedia as Quebec Maple Whisky, but with no links to producers -

08-31-2007, 15:29
Oh, okay, that sounds a bit like it's akin to Wild Turkey American Honey, but with a more Canadian bent to it...may be quite good as a kind of after dinner drink...maybe something to have in place of port

08-31-2007, 15:36
It's also mentioned here on Wikipedia as Quebec Maple Whisky, but with no links to producers -

There is this (http://www.futailles.com/engl/2_4/index.html)

That is the place mentioned...their mention of an award in Slovenia isn't very reassuring...unless someone can come up with some prestigious tasting that happens there...but that doesn't mean it isn't something interesting to try. It does say blended with rye...but then Canada does have a bit of wiggle room in their definitions to work with...

08-31-2007, 16:59
The first thning that come to mind is a product by Macallan called 'Amber'.


I had it at a tasting a few years back. Perhaps an abomination to the purist, it was very sweet, maybe good on pancakes.

08-31-2007, 17:36
The "Oh Canada" is from the same people that make Forty Creek.

When Canadians say "rye whiskey" they mean Canadian whiskey, i.e., Canadian blended whiskey. They don't mean American straight rye.

The Fine Sève seems like the thing to try. I have to assume "maple syrup brandy" means they ferment and then distill maple syrup. I do remember that from some TV show, presumably Thirsty Traveler.

Calling it "brandy" is fanciful since the raw material, maple tree sap, is not fruit; but there really is no category name for a liquor, whether fermented or distilled, made from sap.

11-07-2007, 06:26
Sortilège Maple Syrup and Whiskey Liqueur is 30% abv. / 60 proof and is made in Montreal, Canada from Canadian whiskey and maple syrup.
Not too sweet but not something I would want too much of.

BTW ~ Great forum

11-07-2007, 13:06
Thanks JCSN....

If I can track down an online retailer who stocks it, and will send to Australia, I'll definately order a bottle to try.
Otherwise, I might look out for it when I'm in the US (New York/KY/LA) next year.