View Full Version : New here, current Bourbon in the glass

Jeff G.
09-04-2007, 08:03
My brother, knowing I enjoy good bourbon gave me a bottle of 18 year old Elijah Craig. I had tried the 12 year old and found it good, but a little odd. I tended to be a bit harsh on the palate.

The 18 year old is quite a bit different. I definitely has more "wood" to it. It also has a "rounder" feel to it. The edge is much softer. Quite enjoyable...

09-04-2007, 10:48
Welcome to the board Jeff. Glad to have another fellow Kokomo native on the site. Spent my first ten years there, hunting and fishing with my Dad. Some of my favorite memories are canoeing down the Wabash and Wildcat. Anyway...I would recomend Wild Turkey rye. It's one great rye.
Jeff Mo.