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07-16-2000, 16:13
This may seem like a stupid question but, Is there a reason or a hidden "perk" to registering bottlings with the distillery?? I noticed this on the tag hanging on my Woodford reserve bottles and on a bottle of Jack Daniels (oops- does this go under Tn Whiskey?!?!?) 1905 commerative. I was just wondering if their was any rhyme or reason for it. Thanks for the help.

07-16-2000, 19:29
Just a basic promotional gimmick. It makes you feel special and they get your name and mailing address for their list. Most of the phoney "warranty registration" cards you get with your stereo and household appliances are the same thing. At least the distillery doesn't ask you how much you earn and what magazines you might be interested in :-)

-John Lipman-

07-16-2000, 21:31
John hit the nail on the head, this is one of my few opportunities to feel special. I sent in the cards to several distilleries and received a nice catalogue of sportsware and logo items from Wild Turkey (I am saving up for that watch), and a very classy looking 8 1/2 x 11 inch certificate from Jack Daniels. I am seriously considering framing the JD certificate and hanging on the wall at work, just to shock those few people who take themselves a little too seriously. If I ever get to Lynchburgh, Tenn again, I will ask to see the bottle registration book just to see what kind of responce I get. I bet you they will take the opportunity to make me feel special again, that's just the kind of folks they are, and besides, JD has people on the payroll whose job is just that.

Mark A. Mason, El Dorado, Arkansas

07-17-2000, 06:25
Thats pretty funny...thank ya'll for your help.