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10-27-2007, 18:32
OK guys and gals, I TOTALLY nerded out on bourbon analysis today. I was updating my list of bourbons, and kept thinking about the Four Roses 40th Anniversary that I managed to pick up this week. I started thinking how unique it was in that it is the only bourbon on the market that meets the following criteria:
Older than 10 years
Non-Chill Filtered
Single Barrel
Less than $100That got me wondering how other bourbons stack up when measured against that criteria. So I went crazy. I made three plots. The first one is price vs how "unique" the whiskey is:
Is it 10+ years old? Thats worth 1.0
Is it 100+ Proof? Thats worth 1.0
Is it Uncut? Thats worth 1.0
Is it "Small Batch?" Thats worth 0.5
Is it Single Barrel? Thats worth 0.5 (+ 0.5 for being Small Batch)
Is it Non-Chill Filtered? Thats worth 1.0The second is versus age. As we all know, many people associate age with "goodness" in a whiskey. We all know that isn't necessarily true. Nevertheless, I made a chart for age vs price. This one chart is kind of sketchy, because we don't know the age of many of these whiskeys. When I didn't know, I guessed based on what I have learned from you guys.

Finally I made one chart as a hybrid of the two. It is the first chart, but the 10+ age question is taken out, and instead the age is multiplied by 0.1 and added to the "score."

In all cases, whiskeys toward the bottom right could be considered good values, while whiskeys on the upper left could be considered bad values. Of course I say "could" because there might be some factors that you consider far more important than others!

Disclaimer #1: I am not a marketing major, but I sure felt like one today!
Disclaimer #2: I realize all the prices might not match up with what you might can get them at. Just look at this as a "rough" chart.
Disclaimer #3: Besides price and age, I also had to make some guesses on "small batch" and also listed all Wild Turkeys as Non-chill filtered.