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10-30-2007, 14:54
I think I have seen a few folks speak fondly of this, but not sure. I like the name, 'sounds very, well old. I see it in just about every poke store here in Louisville. So, tonight I picked a bottle up. WOW, is it cheap. $7.20 for a 750ml.

Now, I must confess I do not have an educated pallete when it comes to bourbon. I tend to drink it because it is drinkable and gives an excellent buzz. That said, I would like to have a more difining pallette. So, i think I'll start with this and ask some of you very generous gentleman to please point out what I should be decerning and or looking for in the way of flavors, scents, ect.

To me it taste like bourbon but maybe a bit more harsh than some I have had. It has a mellow sweetness to the aftertaste yet a earthy or barkieness (is that a word) to it. So, I guess I'm saying a bit harsh up front and a sweet and earthy finish. Please understand, I drink it with ice and water...:skep: . Which is how I drink most all my bourbon. I can't imagine this neat. But if advised to do so, I might try it.

Thanks for any feedback, etc.

10-30-2007, 17:02
Well, first, we need to make sure that you have Very Old Barton and not Barton blend, as while VOB is cheap, $7.20 sounds a buck or so low, though you may have one of the lower proof versions, as the 100 proofer is the one to get, really.

Second, some bourbons (or whiskies in general) just aren't good on the rocks. Personally I think young whiskies do less well on the rocks than their more aged counterparts, as they have more flaws to show off when chilled, and because chilling reduces the amount of flavor you can taste, the strong/offensive ones are likely to be the ones to stand out.( I believe the human body it tuned to perceive off/potentially harmful smells/tastes more acutely as a survival technique)

I think your description of this whiskey is about right if it is one of the lower proof versions, the higher proof version tends to bring more flavors with it.

10-30-2007, 18:29
Right now I am having a VOB 80 proof aged in oak on shoulder label. Not fond of it neat. On rocks or water better. I prefer it with Pepsi and the wife likes it with Mountain Dew.

10-30-2007, 18:50
Try here:
or here:
for starters.

Right now, for example, I'm having the 90-proof VOB with cola (diet) and heartily recommend it. (Will likely try it with ginger ale next, for comparison).

Very Old Barton is inexpensive, but nonetheless standard, rye-recipe bourbon. This is what decent bourbon tastes like. You climb up and down the ladder from here.

10-30-2007, 19:07
Tried VOB with Mountain Dew...taste sweet to me. Ginger Ale sounds like a good taste test.

10-30-2007, 19:26
Tried VOB with Mountain Dew...taste sweet to me. Ginger Ale sounds like a good taste test.

Frankly, I prefer it with the cola -- but I'm kinda a bourbon-and-cola guy. But, ginger ale -- in the absence of ginger beer, which is hard to find around here -- is often a good mixer for rye-recipe bourbon.

11-02-2007, 18:13
I tried VOB BIB last month and really liked it. I wish now I had picked up a couple more bottles while visiting KY.