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10-30-2007, 16:54
With the spate of CRs available now, I decided to use these in a cross-decade vatting.

I started with CR Special Reserve, which is (for Canadian) rich and sweetish and I am sure has some of that 17-18 year old S-W bourbon Diageo had reserved.

To that I added some current, regular CR.

Then I put in some XR, the new iteration of CR which uses some whisky from the long-disused Waterloo, Ontario distillery.

After, I put in two ounces of CR from the 1960's (i.e., a bottle purchased then).

Finally, I topped up with a bottle of CR bought in the 1940's, inherited by a friend and gifted to me recently. It was good on its own but a little pallid for some reason and I thought it would blend well.

Since all these whiskies were made to the CR formula, albeit at different times, I thought the result would be a unity of flavor (or flavour) - and it was.

Still, something was missing, and I toyed with adding some more Special Reserve, or maybe some Limited Edition (not otherwise used in this blend) or maybe even some bourbon. Then I saw my bottle of Danfield's 21 year old, a new release from Schenley in Quebec and Alberta (owned by Barton Brands). I thought, why not, even though not from Seagram, Canadian whisky is similar enough that a dash won't hurt and maybe it will help. Well, it did, everything came into focus.

It is hard to describe the result, save that I like it a lot. :) It is a toothsome, Canadian dram but well-knitted with an overall taste of caramel, apples and a spicy note which is probably from straight rye and bourbon flavoring whiskies.

I think it is better than any of its constituents. Cheers.


10-30-2007, 18:24
though i am a bit green regarding whiskey (i mean, compared to many here...i have a measley 20 years experience, 10 of them more serious, the last 3 truly coming into conscious focus...!), but the VATTING notion is totally new to me. i know many whiskeys are already blended, the more unique ones being straight from a barrel...but home blending???:)

but this makes sense. i know this thread is specifically about CRoyal, but i was planning on doing some forum searching regarding vatting anyways.

i assume whiskeys simply blend well with each other....that is, chemically. the taste, though, is another thing.

now what i want to ask is, do these spirits blend immediately or is there another process at work that demands time?

i assume, gary, you are blending in a bottle....what about a blending a single glass? i guess the sky's the limit?

nonetheless, i will search the forum to see what VATTING brings up...

10-30-2007, 18:40
...nonetheless, i will search the forum to see what VATTING brings up...

:lol: Brings up SEVEN PAGES of results for me -- about FOUR PAGES worth that include post by Gary Gillman (and more than a few by me:rolleyes:).

11-03-2007, 10:08
Vattings can be great. Remember that Ron's Four Grain is a vatting that has never been beaten in our tastings by another vatting or stand-alone bourbon or rye. Like I said, vattings can be great.
Joe :usflag: