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11-02-2007, 09:43
It's November, now, and I suppose that's as good a reason as any for another new member to step forward. I've been lurking for a couple-few weeks, after discovering the site via a happy accident, and figured it was time to introduce myself.

I'm 55, and I live in north Alabama. My spiritsography, such as it is:

When I reached legal drinking age I started out drinking (mostly) blended Scotch; later moved on to (mostly) gin; then there were quite a few years when I drank almost nothing except beer; but I do recall a brief period when I'd also enjoy an occasional pour of George Dickel. Perhaps seven years ago, I finally came to bourbon. But not in any discriminating way. I drank it the same way I always had the Scotch, the gin, the Dickel: fill a glass with ice, fill the voids with Wild Turkey, consume. I mostly bought WT80 but now and then would instead get, for no particular reason, their 101. About two years ago I began alternating between WT and the blended Scotch of my 20s, and this quickly led me to experiment with single malts, other bourbons, and ryes. The result of these dabblings was a realization that I really don't like Scotch as much as I once thought I did, but I found that I do like rye. In fact I like rye quite a lot.

I still drank all these the same way, though: glass, lots of ice, booze. Having discovered this forum a few weeks ago, I now realize there is a better way. I've started drinking my whiskey near-neat (just two small cubes, usually) and am in the process of trying as many different bottlings as I can. Because I also now realize that the world of bourbon is considerably larger than the small segment I've personally tasted.

It is a world I'd like to know more about. And that is, of course, the reason I'm here.

Currently on my shelf: WT80, WTRB, EW Black Label, Old Forester 100, Knob Creek, JB rye, Sazerac Jr. Others I've had within the last two years (and will soon try again, without all that ice): WT101, Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve, Ridgemont Reserve 1792, Michter's rye, WT rye.

I will have questions, but this seems more than enough for now. Looking forward to learning what I can, and to getting to know all of you!


11-02-2007, 10:00
Welcome Larry, from the north. You will get a great deal of info here and I recommend the search function if you really want to delve into some history and past post.
Check out the Eagle Rare SB 10yr. or if you can find it some Weller 12 yr. both outstanding neat.:grin:


11-02-2007, 13:09
Great to have you on board Larry. You'll find many of us here like Rye (as well as bourbon), so there should be plenty of information and opinions to go round.

11-02-2007, 14:06
I'd definately point you towards Rittenhouse if you really like the rye. I get the BIB version here for around $19.99 a 750 ml.


11-03-2007, 09:48
Welcome aboard Larry. Enjoy the journey and the ryes.
Joe :usflag:

11-05-2007, 11:33
Thank you for the welcoming words, everyone, and thanks for the recommendations, too.

I realize that most of the bottlings I've tried are rather ordinary. That's mainly a function of the extremely limited selection here in Alabama. But I do get up to Nashville every few months (next trip: early December) and have been reading many of the older threads and compiling a list of what to look for. So please keep those recommendations coming!

BTW I may have given a wrong impression in mentioning my liking for rye whiskey. I do like it, but not necessarily better than bourbon. For me, probably seven out of every ten pours are some kind of Kentucky straight bourbon.