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11-05-2007, 02:17
Good morning. I'm a rather new bourbon drinker, once you get past my high school days with Jack Daniels.:puke: Just a little background on me. I was once an avid homebrewer until my son was born. I decided filling 40 something bottles of beer was not worth my time and have sworn I would not start brewing again until I can keg. That has been 4 1/2 years ago and I still haven't started. I recently got into wanting to try different bourbons when a friend of mine began talking about drinking bourbon when I got to see him on his move through town. I remembered the college days when he had a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed that he guarded with a passion. I found this site about 3 weeks ago and picked up a couple of bottles after reading a little. I bought a small sampler of Buffalo Trace and then a bottle of WT 101. I tried the Buffalo Trace and had to add water to it for it to taste decent enough to finish, but the WT 101 was a match made in heaven. Since then I have been hooked, but I limit myself on my purchases. I can't stand the thought of buying a 750ml or so of something and not liking it. What can I say, I'm a tight wad.. As we speak I am about to finish a decent pour of WT 80 Proof that had two ice cubes in it. I like it, but the 101 has my heart.

Anyway I know this got long, and I apologize, but I am really enjoying my new adventure with bourbon and I'm glad I found this site. Two

11-05-2007, 06:41
Glad you are here! Hope you find some more affordable pours that you like. What part of the state are you in? There are many here from Texas, we get together for tasteings every once in a while. Enjoy your travels through the wide world of bourbon.

11-06-2007, 05:04
We're glad you found the site as well. IMHO it's one of the best, and the knowledge here is unbelievable. If you really want to get into the know take a couple days/months and play with the search function, I still use it every time I think I have a new question...I never have a NEW question it's all recycled if you will.

Enjoy yourself and welcome aboard.


01-29-2008, 14:22
Welcome Twostepct, I am a fan of WT101 myself. You can spend a lot more cash without equaling WT101.

01-29-2008, 16:44
Welcome to the forum. WT 101 is an "old reliable" so to speak. I agree with you on the 80 proof. Stay away from it.

Why don't you try getting back to the WT Rare Breed you talked about? That's good stuff.