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11-21-2007, 15:06
dug into my mississippi roots...picked up some fresh-as-possible "farm-raised" catfish here in pennsylvania and cooked up a nice concoction.

two nice fillets
dip in buttermilk for a few minutes

get that corn oil in the griddle going!

pour a good helping of toasted bread crumbs, wheat germ (unless you are allergic) and (yep) grape nuts cereal (it's that toasted barley cereal)...you get a nice crunchy batter of sorts

cook for 5-8 minutes

while its sizzlin' throw yer favorite bourbon on it!:grin:

go ahead, do it!

serve with some veggies.

i used some Trader Joe's corn. not bad for a quick meal!

oh, and some good whole wheat bread.

or ... some beer bread. got a recipe if anyone needs that.


11-21-2007, 18:01
The last time I had catfish was 1972 at Catfish King in Birmingham, Alabama.
I don't care for it but I do like Sonic Youth!

12-17-2007, 10:06
Well, I for one love a good catfish done just about anyway, with cornbread or beer hushpuppies and something good to sip. I will have to try this. May try on rabbit, pheasant, or venison loin as well. All are great when fried.