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Tracy Hightower
11-27-2007, 23:13
I have noticed recently that after nearly 100 years of prohibition that Absinthe is now available again in the US.

I have never tried it and have read up on its lurid history.

I understand that it was originally banned due to it's content of Thujon, a chemical that is said to have a hallucinogenic effect when in high quantities.

The new rules in the US as I understand it is that the content of Thujon can be no higher than 10mg and only two brands have been approved.

I also noticed that in Europe, Absinthe can be purchased with quantities of Thujon of 33mg or higher.

While reading up on it I have found many that commented that there are no hallucinogenic effects in Thujon in any quantities but that the "buzz" from Absinthe is definitely different from just alcohol. Some called it the Absinthe effect.

I am curious if any of you have tried it and what was the result. Some American scientific studies have shown that the hallucinogenic effect of Thujon is a not factual yet in removing the prohibition here the amount of Thujon has been limited. Still others have stated that Thujon can be harmful and should be avoided in any quantity.

I do not want to drink anything that in any quantity will harm me but I am definitely intrigued by this controversial drink.

At any rate, I have found that there are some very collectible pre and post ban bottles of this stuff that as a collectible have value.

Any comments or experiences would be appreciated.

11-28-2007, 06:46
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I agree with you Tracy, I to am fasinated by the history and controversy of Absinthe.

11-28-2007, 16:59
I've read that absinthe makes the heart grow stronger.

12-05-2007, 21:44
The EU regulations allow a thujone level of 35 mg/kg if the product is labeled as bitters ("amer" in French or "amaro" in Italian); otherwise, the 10 mg/kg limit applies, and most of the new-production absinthes fall with the lower limit.

I don't think that the US will allow the higher limit - besides, I wouldn't buy absinthe based on high thujone content.