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12-03-2007, 09:26
Hello, to everyone. I found this board when I was searching for 10 Year Old Charter, which I posted a question before I introduced myself.

I am 50ish and living in the Dallas area. I grew up in North Louisiana (not a Cajun, but a red-neck), and moved to Texas as soon as I could. My Dad was always an Old Charter drinker (mixed with Coke, not me, I do it straight up), so except for a few years being real close friends with a fellow named Johnny Walker, OC has always been my bourbon of choice.

With the 10OC supply problem, I have expanded my taste buds a little. I am working on a bottle of Buffalo Trace, also tasting Rip Van Winkle and picked up a bottle of Wiley Nelson's Whiskey River, but haven't popped the top on it yet.

Anyway, happy to be here and will be checking in often.

Cheers, Ray

12-03-2007, 15:33
I have never had Old Charter...how would you describe it? One thread, talking about the 12 yr old called it very smooth w/o much heat.

By the way...where is Gigaplex located in TX?
> You must have tremendous movie selections! ;)

12-03-2007, 17:50
Hey Ray, welcome to the board. I have some OC 12 90 but have not opened it yet. I did just try the OCPR 13 and was a bit let down but I have not quite yet. I have an open bottle of Whiskey River as well and my best advise is to put down the bottle and back away :lol: I was not a fan, but to each his own right. Hope you enjoy the stay there is a great deal to learn here check out the advance search function and you can get lost in this place reading for hours!



12-06-2007, 05:53
The Dallas/Ft. Worth area is called the "Metroplex". I have changed it to the Gigaplex.

10 OC is a smooth bourbon with a little bite to it. It is very smokey tasting which is where the bite comes from. Not sure what the smells are. I am still learning to use my nose to describe the taste of a bourbon.

I did pop the top in the Whiskey River and the first taste is harsh. It goes down about the same. This will probably be my last bottle of it.


12-06-2007, 14:27
I did pop the top in the Whiskey River and the first taste is harsh. It goes down about the same. This will probably be my last bottle of it.

Yeah, I like Willie but I wouldn't recommend that Whiskey River stuff. Good to have you aboard. Hope you're able to find something that you like as much as or better than the OC10! BTW, do you fly DC-8s?

12-16-2007, 19:18

Guess I missed this a couple of weeks back. Welcome aboard!

OC10 is available in most of the stores I frequent, though I do know it has gone up in price and is now not quite the bargain pour it once was. Still great IMO.

I'd recommend BT and ERSB as two bottlings of similar age and proof from the same mashbill. Neither is much more expensive than Charter 10. Whiskey River...you're on your own. I'd say it is classed up quite a bit by being used in an Old-Fashioned cocktail. Or you could use it for cooking with.

As for your being in the Dallas area, we have quite a few SBers in town. Watch the "Bourbon Social" forum for a possible January tasting.

Again, welcome to the forums.