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12-10-2007, 16:24
I understand that there are certain additives that can be added to cognac - caramel, "wood syrup" and sugar syrup.

Now, I know that bourbon can't have any additives and that scotch can have caramel added. But I find it quite off-putting knowing that cognac (and armagnac) can have sugar and wood syrup added legally. I can live with caramel in Scotch but not sugar and fake wood.

I'm trying to ascertain whether all cognac has such additives. Would, say a Remy VSOP have sugar and wood added?

I enjoy cognac but would prefer to taste unadulterated spirit. If even the mid-range stuff (say the VSOP's from the big houses) have stuff added, then I'll stick to whisky.

Anyone know anything about cognac and additives?

12-10-2007, 22:43
Well I didn't know anything about this, but thanks to google, I now know a bit more than I did. I did and do know that VSOP is basically the run of the mill quality stuff. Choosing a VSOP is like picking up Crown instead of Canadian Mist...a good start, but there's more and better to be had.

Some quick searching turns up a few non additive Cognacs:
Leopold Gourmel Cognac Age du Fruit "10 Carats"
Jon Bertelsen
Daniel Bouju Cognac

on the lower end Alize (of fermented fruit juice fame) makes a VS they say is free of additives

12-11-2007, 07:14
It is true,it is legally to put additives in certain drinks mainly to keep the colour consistant but if you ask me taste will change too.But closer to your home it happens too,Canadian whisky can have a certain amount fruitbrandy being added to give the whisky more body,up to 5% i thought.

12-17-2007, 13:05
I suggest staying away from the big 4 to be safe: Remy, Courvoisier, Martell, and Hennessy. I want to assume their XOs and above do not have additives, but knowing how mass production can often force corners to be cut I wouldnt be so sure.

Try Delamain, Tesseron, Maison Surrenne, Cognac Park
and as previously mentioned Leopold Gourmel and Daniel Bouju.