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06-02-2002, 20:51
Raiders Get Load Of Nelson Whisky

65 Gallons Taken; 2 Men Captured, Removed To Frankfort

Lawrenceburg , Ky., Jan. 18 1934----Sixty-five gallons of Nelson county moonshine whisky was poured into the sewer at the courthouse this morning shortly after seven o'clock, and two men, whose names were not learned, were taken to Frankfort, where a charge of possessing illieit liquor was placed against them.

The men were stopped earlier in the morning by Commissioner Waird of Frankfort and two other officers, and were said to be on their way to Lexington to dispose of the liquor. The arrest was made at the bridge over Salt River, on the Fox Creek road


It is understood that the repeal law has in no way stopped the traffic of bootleg whiskey in these parts especially the rum running from Nelson county to Lexington, most of which comes by way of Lawrenceburg. Little has been done to stop the trade in illegal liquor since repeal, but police hint that nationwide drive of a most strenuous sort will soon be started to banish the bootlegger in all sections.

One recent act of the Government in its efforts to stop bootlegging activities has been to open the doors to all countries to import all the liquor possible for one month. A large supply of legal liquor will be a great step in stopping illegal traffic, it is believed.

Bettye Jo

06-03-2002, 03:37
My grandmother grew up in Nelson county she used to tell us about an old Bootlegger who was gunned down by the revenuers . She said they heard the gun fight where she was at. I'll have to see if I can get some details from her . She just turned 90 and sometimes it's hard for her to get the details straight.

Bobby Cox

06-03-2002, 04:36
Runnin shine was just about the only thing folks around her could do to make money......It was either run it, or not eat.......My dad has told me stories about it......My Popa Hall did it for a very long, long time....He had 14 children and ran a saw mill.......Bobby please ask ya grand-ma and post it here......

My grand-father Harry Beam was caught by the revenuer's----making shine and runnin it------My Mom (Jean Beam) and my Aunt Jo remember it well.........My mom and Aunt Jo are identical twins.....They will be one the History Channel in December to tell the entire story.....The date keeps gettin changed so when the time gets closer I will post it.....

Bettye Jo

06-03-2002, 06:36
I'm a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan and when I saw this headline I really thought:

'Any whiskey is too good for those low-down, no-account Oakland Raiders'.