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12-18-2007, 07:37

I have read the posts before but I now finally joined. I recently did a trip to Kentucky and posted pictures of it on my blog if anyone wants to see. It was a Father & Son trip combined with a future article I am going to write for The Whisky Life


Look forward to contributing to the sight.

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12-18-2007, 09:17
Thanks for posting this slide show and welcome.

I especially notice the "old still" (http://whiskyguild.com/whiskynetwork/album_file.php?user=Whiskey1&album_id=59&media_id=315) sitting out back. I couldn't quite tell your meaning about it. Did your guide tell you if this was a still used in the making of Woodford Reserve and then removed recently or if it was from before the rebuilding of the distillery?

It would be very interesting if BF had replaced a still already for several reasons.

If it is from long ago, it's also interesting that they had a pot still sitting around the grounds for so long after column distillation became the norm.


12-18-2007, 10:13
That looks more like a doubler to me, of course in a way a doubler is a pot still, basically. I could be wrong though

12-18-2007, 10:41
I believe he said it was an old still. It was from the original distillery before they started to renovate it. The old distillery was shut down in the 1960's but Brown Forman still used the Rack House there. In 1996 they reopened for production. Lincoln Henderson, Chris Morris and others were there during the renovation. I only now see Lincoln at Suntory events.