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12-28-2007, 08:21
Hi Folks!

Just tripped over this site and am thrilled to be here.

Been drinking Bourbon for over 30 years now. As you can imagine living in the Louisville area that Bourbon is everywhere and always has been in my lifetime.

However... because of this, I have always taken it for granted. I never gave it much thought. It's always been there for me.

In the past couple of years I have been paying more attention and trying some of the more premium Bourbons and am enjoying this. I hope to learn a lot from you folks as I move forward.

I currently am drinking from a bottle of Elijah Craig 12 yo and a bottle of regular Wild Turkey.

Take care.

12-28-2007, 16:29
Hey Hondo. This site will definitely not disappoint you if it is bourbon knowledge you seek.

Pick up a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel and have a sip for me. The thought of it is almost enough to make me move to Louisville.


12-28-2007, 21:31
Hondo, welcome.

By the way, you're in a really bad area for bourbon.:lol:

Seriously, bourbon-wise, could you ask for a better situation? Good for you, on the location.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


12-28-2007, 21:36
I currently am drinking from a bottle of Elijah Craig 12 yo and a bottle of regular Wild Turkey.

Definitely try some Wild Turkey Rare Breed, WT Kentucky Spirit and WT American Spirit.

Also, if you like your bourbon a bit sweet (based on the two you've mentioned, maybe not, but just in case) try some ORVW 10 year 107 Proof as well as Weller Antique 107 Proof.

The latter two are relatively inexpensive ($18.99 - $29.99 in my area). Three Wild Turkey I mentioned can be a bit high, especially the American Spirit but definitely worth trying.



12-28-2007, 21:37
Welcome Hondo. You are indeed very lucky to be in Kentucky when it comes to bourbon. Plus one for the Four Roses 1B. Until very recently it was only available in Kentucky and overseas. I'd search out other brands that are only available in Kentucky and reoprt back here. Only try some Straight Rye Whiskey. Saz Jr and Wild Turkey Rye are a good place to start.