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01-04-2008, 13:48
Hey everyone, hello from Wisconsin. I've never been a bourbon drinker, sticking with beer and vodka/gin. Except my first year in college, when too much Jack on too many nights killed whiskey for me for about 15 years.

As I have gotten older, I have come to the realization that I would much rather have quality over quantity when I drink, and in other facets of life. Thus started my search for something to drink and enjoy, rather than guzzle.

While flipping thru the channels a couple of weeks ago, I came across the show The Thirsty Traveler. The episode was about Kentucky Bourbon, and they went to the Makers Mark distillery, and also had a segment with Elmer T Lee. Well, after being fascinated with the stories they told, and everything surrounding it, I decided to give it a try. I bought a bottle of Elmer T Lee, and WOW, I really liked it.

That sent me on a quest to find out everything I could about bourbon, and some searches on a number of things led me to here.

So, while I know absolutely nothing about bourbon, other than the smell of Jack (which I now realize is not bourbon :) ) still makes me queasy, I have been reading this site for days, trying to absorb everything I have missed. I have to say, you guys sure seem to know what you are talking about, I look forward to learning much from you all.

Now, all I have to do is convince the wife that it's OK to have more than one kind of bourbon in the house, wish me luck!

01-04-2008, 15:19
I like the statement about convincing the wife that it's okay to have more than one kind of bourbon. I lurked for quite some time before joining this site just over a year ago. At the time I had probably tried 6 different whiskey's. In the house there was probably a bottle of Jim Beam white, vodka, gin and a dozen bottles of wine.

Gin and tonic after work and wine with dinner was the usual routine.

Now the inventory has been slightly increased.

3 bottles of vodka - 1 Fris and 2 Tito's I got on sale
4 bottles of assorted gin
32 bottles of wine - I bought most of these around Thanksgiving for about
45 percent of everyday retail.
57 bottles of whiskey including scotch and Irish

My girlfriend was really freaking out for a while. Especially the day that she came downstairs and I had everything spread out while I was doing an inventory.

Strange thing though, I've actually been drinking less but buying more. After really getting into this site I just started trying different things, as many as I could. Now I've been working through what I have, some I really like and some I don't really care for. When all is said and done I think I will probably end up with about 12 different bottles of regular stock and maybe spice it up with something new once in awhile.


01-04-2008, 15:23
Welcome aboard! But, good luck with handling your wife. :skep:


01-04-2008, 15:49
Thanks, I think I may need it.

Just to clarify a little, I have had different whiskey's before, I just never thought much about it while I drank it, and never tried to appreciate what I was drinking.

I've had bottles of Knob Creek, and Makers in the house, and enjoyed them, but they were just bottles with alcohol in them, waiting to give me a buzz.

I plan on buying them all again, but with the purpose of tasting them this time. :)

01-05-2008, 16:20
How many pairs of shoes does your wife own?:grin:

01-05-2008, 16:58
Welcome aboard. As a big fan of Thirsty Traveler, I'm glad his shows finally switched someone onto bourbon :D

01-05-2008, 18:20
His show was actually responsible for getting me into cigars, I was already well into Bourbon. I was watching it with my wife and she said 'great, I guess that's the next thing for you then', she was soooo right!

Welcome aboard. As a big fan of Thirsty Traveler, I'm glad his shows finally switched someone onto bourbon :D

01-05-2008, 20:46
Glad to see another Wisconsinite has found the board. I grew up in Germantown and had similar experiences with whiskey. You should be able to find most of the highly regarded Bourbon's in Local stores. Otto's should be at the top of your list. What channel is the Thirsty Traveler on? The only drinking show I am aware of is Three Sheets on MOJO.

01-06-2008, 03:58
As I have gotten older, I have come to the realization that I would much rather have quality over quantity

You've certainly come to the right place!:toast:
Welcome aboard!


01-06-2008, 09:05
What channel is the Thirsty Traveler on? The only drinking show I am aware of is Three Sheets on MOJO.

It is currently being shown on Fine Living, Channel 133 on Time Warner Cable. But I saw someplace on their website that whenever the new season starts, it will be moving to the Travel channel, which should help get new viewers, since that is on basic cable, while Fineliving is digital only.

01-11-2008, 19:06
The Thirsty Traveler brought me here some time ago. Now I've got, what, 250 posts? Bourbon is fun!

Yeah, I don't think my wife really knows what we have. Let's see, I have Bookers, Old Grand Dad 114, Pappy Van Winkle 20, Pappy Van Winkle 23, and a bottle of Maker's Mark open currently. I know I have a bottle of Eagle Rare bunkered, but not much else. I have a small supply compared to some of the guys around here, but a nice wine collection :-)

My wife doesn't like me drinking bourbon. I don't know why, but she doesn't. No problem going through a full bottle of wine in one night (for two of us). Not sure about that dichotomy, but my wife isn't going anywhere (if I can help it, she's awesome) so I guess I just have to live with the discomfort...


01-14-2008, 19:11
Teach her the alcohol equivalents. Twelve ounces of beer, five ounces of wine or 1.25 oz. of 80 proof whiskey (or any other distilled spirit) each contain about the same amount of alcohol: one-half ounce. We'll call that (1/2 oz. of absolute alcohol) a drink unit.

This the most important piece of information anyone who drinks alcoholic beverages should have. If you had to get a license to drink, this would be on the test.

For the wine example, half a bottle of wine equals 2.35 drink units.

Two ounces of 100 proof whiskey (see attached visual aid showing exactly two ounces of 100 proof bourbon in an 8-ounce glass) is two drink units.

All that said, I was married once. I know you won't win.

01-14-2008, 19:54
I have been married twice. Even if you win you still lose!

01-20-2008, 06:56
Welcome to the forum. I was already into bourbon when I saw "The Thirsty Traveler." It's a good show.
As far as the wife problem goes...go slowly. Don't go out and buy ten bottles at once. Buy one or two at a time. Sip it slowly and savor it. Pretty soon, over time, you'll have a nice collection going. The only thing you need to figure out is where to hide it! :slappin:

01-20-2008, 12:57
Thanks for the welcome guys. The wife hasn't been too bad. I've found that as long as there is an open bottle of Maker's in the house, along with some Coke, she doesn't really care what I have in the house. :)