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01-08-2008, 18:59
To all my fellow Bourbon Warriors--

Just a quick note to see if any of you availed yourself this holiday season of the classic cocktail of the 1920s: the "Bourbon and Advocaat." It's referenced in the film "The Shining," when Jack Nicholson is having that creepy conversation with the butler he keeps calling "Jeevesy" (even though his name is Mr. Grady):

"All right.", Jack Torrance says, "l'll just set my bourbon and advocaat down right there."

The drink can be made many ways, but my vote goes for 1 to 1, shaken over ice--and shaken HARD, at least 30 seconds, like any egg-based cocktail (Advocaat is egg-based), and then served in a cocktail glass straight up with a little freshly ground nutmeg on top. What a fantastic drink! My buddy and I--both of us fanatics about the classic cocktails--shared a few of them in front a roaring fire just before Christmas, and it was like being transported back in time. Use any Bourbon. I've had 'em with Maker's Mark (pretty sedate), Elijah Craig (sublime), and even Old Grand-Dad 114 (smokin'--don't drive after this one).

Just thought I'd share!

01-08-2008, 22:47
I've never had Advocaat, but a quick glance at the Wiki page gives me an idea that it may be a bit like eggnog(there's even a link to the eggnog page). I've had eggnog that I've added bourbon to (the nog you buy in a carton) and eggnog that was made with bourbon (both homemade and retail bottled). I've liked it both ways, but never thought of adding both brandy and bourbon to it. May be worth trying if I run across a well priced bottle, though it would still be a winter time drink for me, and I'm not sure I could go through bottle all by myself.