View Full Version : Good Article: Booze and Journalism

01-08-2008, 19:08
The article not bourbon-specific, but there has been more than enough journalism fueled by bourbon to merit posting this link to it here.

The Whiskey Rebellion (http://www.slate.com/id/2181183/)
In praise of booze in the newsroom.
By Jack Shafer

Sample: "Since when is it considered unprofessional for a journalist to take a drink?"

01-08-2008, 21:00
Just another example of PC run amuck. We received the same admonishment from the PTB when the factory I was employed with shut down. On the last night of production, the crew of 100 that I lead all marched out feeling little or no pain.

As I said goodbye to one of the known non drinkers in the crowd, she turned to me and said... " until they said not to, I had no intention of drinking"

Some occasions just lend themselves to bending the elbow, and that was one.

01-13-2008, 12:29
H.L. Mencken, one of my absolute favorite writers, spent most of his life as a journalist and penned a few articles in praise of cocktails and their salubrious effects. In one, he suggested devising a way to keep every person on this planet "slightly stewed" at all times in order to harmonize societies and avert war.

Journalism today lacks humor. If Mencken were alive today, he'd probably work at The Onion.