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01-19-2008, 11:49
I play on a couple of other sights often... and have always liked the tasting notes (terms) from this site (over the last 18 months)... a couple of the regulars here have hooked me into coming over and playing here once in a while... Signed up in Nov... just started posting

Love the threads and the discussions... my fancy is the barrel proofs (ST1855, FR 1440, Weller, Stagg, etc)... though this years B-Day Bourbon is phenomenal... though the entire collection is pretty damn extensive now ... I blame bourbondrinker.com for this :grin: ...

anyhow... im in, in az (Vail - just east of Tucson)... :woohoo:


Tennessee Dave
01-19-2008, 16:29
Welcome aboard!

01-19-2008, 18:39
Hey Emerald, Its good to see you over here as well !!!


01-20-2008, 14:33
Hey Emerald...just sayin' "hey" from another fellow BD'er. Taker easy:)

01-28-2008, 22:01
Thanks man... I actually lost sight of this post... der... doh!

There is a hell of a lot of good conversation on this sight.. I am actually amused at how much non bourbon discussion takes place... sort of the one stop chat sight...

Already picked up quite the education on a couple points of educate... very impressed with the passion:grin:

anyhow... see you in print