View Full Version : need more brain function? have a drink

01-19-2008, 15:50

according to this study, people who drink regularly (up to thirty drinks a week) do better on intelligence tests than those who don't

01-19-2008, 16:36
Ya gotta love anything that can help rationalize what we love to do! :cool: One wonders if the correlation is really the reverse in these types of studies: In other words, perhaps the more intelligent are the ones more likely to indulge in the first place - or the ones with more disposable income (whom one might assume have greater intelligence, though certainly not always!), and can purchase more, will likely be drinking more. But I like the conclusion!

01-19-2008, 17:46
Nice. But studies like that, much like studies that indicate eating gobs of fiber does nothing to reduce the incidence of colon cancer, or that high protein diets really are more effective than the recommended low fat standard, are given short shrift. Yeah, its politics.