View Full Version : What to look for in FL?

01-23-2008, 14:09
Greetings All;

I've just picked up the bourbon habit after trying some Makers last summer. Since then I've tried more Makers, WR, WT80, and then some more Makers.

As you know there are some real slim pickins north of the border, lucky for me I'll be visiting the Orlando area in March and was hoping that you could offer some guidance as to what I should sample when I'm there. Also, if there are any Florida members who could share where I could go to find these bottles that would be great.


01-23-2008, 14:13
Go to the ABC marts... I picked up my first William Laura Weller on sale for $30 a bottle.... Wish I had more... got there last one...

They have a good selection and talk emplyees... they will be able to tell you what the other stores have if they are out.

If yor are at DisneyWorld... there is a close one to you... 10-15 min away.