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01-27-2008, 12:49
I'm becoming quite fond of various whiskeys since I started drinking an Irish single malt neat, and lately have been trying to branch out. While I initially found scotch to be rather repulsive, I'm being drawn in slowly. Rye has strong and wonderful flavors, and while I don't drink much bourbon lately it at one time was representative of all whiskey to me.

I love discovering the variety in whiskey, yet also observing commonality to be found in each style.

01-27-2008, 13:02
Welcome Here.

Enjoy the journey ahead.

01-27-2008, 13:20
Welcome... If the Irish whiskies tickle your fancy, you may want to take tour of the four roses (small batch and single barrel), WL Weller’s (the centinal is mighty good), and a few of the other wheatear bourbons.

It might be the peat in the Scotch that you do not care for. That is what keeps me from it...

I think I will toast your new found interest with a little Four Roses tonight...

01-27-2008, 15:38
Welcome to the forum. I'm a bourbon lover, but I recently tried Irish whiskey, Bushmills 10, and liked it a lot. It kinda suprised me because I don't really go for scotch and I think, like Spun Cookie, it's because of the peat. Anyway...welcome aboard. There's a lot to learn here.

01-27-2008, 18:50
That's a fine and varied basket of whisk(e)ys you show in your picture, by type and age. Mighty short of bourbon, though:grin: .
Anyway, you'll discover that many of us here appreciate good whiskey of all types, too, though bourbon may be our personal favorite. I hope you decide -- along with most of us -- that America's native spirit, instead of being solely a parochial taste and attitude, is a world-class spirit desrving of recognition and representation in any/every whiskey-lover's cabinet.

01-28-2008, 18:30
Thanks for the welcome. I think I'll pick up some Four Roses this week, Binny's shows both the single barrel and the small batch on their site. From looking around the board at other suggestion threads, I'll probably also consider Evan Williams, Bookers, and Blanton's in the near future. Does that sound like a good batch to pick from, given the little you know about my tastes?

The biggest consideration might just be that I'm still rather intolerant of the bite of high proof bottles. Bought the Rittenhouse BIB 100 proof and can hardly stand it. Even when I cut it to the point of noticeable dilution I have a hard time getting past the bite, I'm at a loss for why this one is so raved about. Everything else I take neat.

I find the MM quite good, but I know bourbon has a lot more to offer than that.

01-28-2008, 19:07
If you find the rye bourbons or rye whiskey have too much "bite", then you may want to try a couple of wheated bourbons. Makers, which you have tried, is a good start. Any of the Weller or Van Winkle products are also very good wheated bourbons. Welcome.

02-09-2008, 20:43
Yowser, picked up some Four Roses Small Batch and its Fantastic! Also tried Bakers, its a bit strong for my tastes but with a touch of water its also quite good.

Makers Mark, in comparison, seems a little pedestrian. Glad I came here and made the jump into bourbon.

spun_cookie, thanks for that recommendation!

02-09-2008, 22:44
Welcome! Definitely check out Blanton's SB. I find that I usually prefer wheaters, but I dig Blanton's big time. It's got just the right amount of rye to give it a spiciness without dominating, in my opinion. It might be a good compromise between wheat and rye for you. You might want to cut in a little water though, based on your desired proof.