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02-13-2008, 00:29
:cool: At an auction sale I purchased one bottle 750ml of 1910 Rum from Cuba. Still corked. I also purchased one bottle of Red Rondinelli Wine from the Canandaigua Wine Co. The wine is called Abundance, age is unknown. This bottle is also corked and is 750ml. It was served at the Sonnenberg Estates in upstate NY. The picture on the label is from a stain glass maker 1911, made for the Sonnenberg Estates. The label explains this. I did track down a similar bottle with the same name but the label was slightly different and dated 2006. This is a much older bottle. I tried to contact the maker of the 2006 Abundance but recieved no response. I have tried to get a yr on the wine and more info on the Ron Anejo Rum.
The above info is the farthest I have gotten. I have been searching for almost 1 year, if you have any info or suggestions, Please respond!
Thank You in advance, yourbounty, email, yourbounty@aol.com
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02-13-2008, 04:10
I can`t help you out on the wine but there is a site for rumlovers www.rumportal.com (http://www.rumportal.com) if you have any questions regarding rum they can help you out .

02-13-2008, 16:51
:grin: :grin: :grin: I am on my way! Thank you, Yourbounty:cool:

Tracy Hightower
02-15-2008, 22:56
I cannot tell you much about either one.

However, the Canandaigua Wine company changed its name in March of 06 to the Centerra Wine company. You can reach their site at www.cwine.com (http://www.cwine.com).

Charla Metcalf is their public relations director and can be reached at 425-482-7359. You may not learn much as they are a major corporation and the second largest wine producer in the world comprising of several name brand wines. They are kind of like the Sazerac company of the wine world.

As far as the Rum, do you have a manufacturer or distillery name for the rum? The description of Ron Anejo is just that a description and translates to "Ron" (Rum) "Anejo" (Aged) and is not the brand.

02-16-2008, 01:12
:lol: Thanks so much for the info, The phone number is gonna be a real help.
as for the Rum, Some one from a rum site is trying to track it down. I wrote down for him everything written on that bottle. I should have paid better attention in Spanish Class. :cool: Thanks again, Bernie; yourbounty