View Full Version : Whiskey Bar in Banff

02-20-2008, 09:50
I'm back in Calgary doing business and seeing friends. We went up to Banff over the weekend and stopped in at the Rimrock Resort and Hotel. Decided to have a drink at the Larkspur Bar.

Wow, what a selection of whiskey. Lot's of scotches from the '50's and '60's. I finally see the group of bourbons surrounded by the scotches. There's an EW SB from....1990. They don't turn their inventory over very often. Wait, is that ORVW 10/90? Can I see the bottle? It has a label somewhat different from the current label and it's from Lawrenceburg. I'm going to have some of this, but wait...there's some Van Winkle Special Reserve 12yo Lot B. Can I see the bottle? It's from L'burg.....in a green glass bottle! I have one at home but have never opened it.

I've now had several pours of each on this trip. The ORVW 10/90 has a sweet entry, middle and finish with some caramel and cotton candy I expect from SW whiskey. Delicious. The Green Glass Lot B is much drier and spicier. It reminds me more of the Boone whiskey that Julian used in the original bottling of Pappy 20. Not sure though, could be the altitude?????

Anyway, when in the Banff/Lake Louise area, stop in the Larkspur Bar for a real whiskey drinking treat. And, they have backup bottles of the VW's.